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Judge Maria Lopez

Weekdays 10:00 AM on The CW Premiered Sep 11, 2006 In Season


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Judge Maria Lopez

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Another new judge is throwing a hat in the daytime courtroom drama ring. This time its a youthful, female Latina named Maria Lopez.

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AIRED ON 5/4/2007

Season 3 : Episode 45

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  • This show isn't worth your time, don't bother. A judge should know all the facts before making comments on National Tv!

    I have yet to watch this show and truly believe we can do without another "Judge" show as it is. Then I heard from a fellow member of Dogster.com that

    "Judge Maria Lopez today had two dog cases on her show. The first one was about a dog attacking another dog. Well to put a long story short the lady that had the dog attack said the dog that attacked her dog had pit bull in it. The judge then said well we all know those dogs are dangerous dogs. The lady that owned the dog that did the attacking said that it was lab and mixed but not sure if it was rottie or bit pull.

    Maria lopez just basicly said she on live tv that rotties and pits are dangerous."

    This must be a ratings plot! How can someone in any kind of authoritive role be so ignorant when it comes to things like this. Maybe she is too busy reading the crap stories in the newspapers that never give all the details instead of getting to the truth!

    Oh wait, I thought getting to the truth was her job? Silly me.moreless
  • Male Bashers

    The score should go to negative infinity because that is where shows like this belong.

    Why is it that they rule against a male in a male vs. female case most of the time. Is it because 1 - you do not beleive that a male can tellthe truth Nno mater what they state, 2 - iT would hurt your ratings, 3 - You have a cokplex against males, or 4 - You are purely and simply just a male basher. They need to realize that if there were no males on this planet, then the blanks and the blank wanna-bes, like them would die off and that would be a blessing to this civilzation.moreless
  • Can I have a court show now?

    Apparently, network execs are giving these court shows away like candy. You don't have to have the looks, personality, or grit to be on a court show these days. I guess it just takes a degree to get you in the door. Judge Lopez is a fine judge. I can picture her in any American circuit court with ease. But most of the judges sitting on the bench today don't have the personality to carry a whole show by themselves. Judge Lopez is one of those people. Besides the nicotine-affected, gin soaked voice-their seems to be nothing discernibly different about Judge Lopez.moreless
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