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Judge Mathis

Weekdays on Premiered Sep 13, 1999 In Season


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Judge Mathis

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Judge Mathis is entertaining Court TV inspired by the troubled childhood of the judge of the same name. Judge Greg Mathis leads the court for an hour long session. Cases in the court are anything but dull. The litigants in each case are typically comical in their own right each with a lengthy story to tell. But Judge Mathis holds his own against the revolving guests, as he can always be counted on to offer a witty statement or instigation from the bench. And his two cents is constantly appreciated by the viewers and the spectators of the court. Lately the television judges of today are straying further from the 'stern-faced' no nonsense judges of the past and the intimidation role of such persons like Judge Judy. Instead, it looks as if the judge of today aims to display this "I want to be your friend" sort of demeanor – which often comes across as strained or scripted. But not with Mathis. When Judge Mathis laughs it up from his post on the bench, or heckles a litigant that was caught cheating on his girlfriend – it doesn't seem scripted, but downright genuine. Mathis seems to gather just as much amusement listening to the stories from his ruling position as the viewers gather from their posts at home. Of course, Judge Mathis isn't based upon an entire platform of humor. Present is the sporadic second of blatant seriousness. No times for laughs, but time for the spotlight to shine as Greg Mathis addresses a courtroom guest about straightening up their life. For importance adds his 'been-there-done-that' point of view about how life on the streets, drugs, and 'thuggin' will get you nowhere but in prison, or dead. The moment of unsmiling monologue is easy to digest – Mathis never goes over the top, he keeps it short and like a flash he moves on and the ho-hum 'scared straight' moment is lifted. Judge Mathis is 60 minutes of entertainment. Underrated against other shows of its genre, it remains a highly favored show among staunch fans. But the show doesn't go completely unnoticed. In 2004 and 2005, Judge Mathis was nominated for a NAACP Image Award in the category of Outstanding TV News, Talk or Information Series or Special.


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AIRED ON 5/16/2005

Season 6 : Episode 143


Fan Reviews (1432)

  • I love the Judge Mathis Show

    I truly love the judge Mathis show he let the truth be known and when to be serious durning a case he does have his funny moments I am a faithful vewier I watch the show every day. When judge Mathis tells something of his life struggles a lot of people need to hear his stories to help them in there time of need what judge mathis has endured and became letting nothing or no one stop him is wonderful overcomming the dealing of his mother in and out of jail let's you know that you can become anything you want with determination and heard work. I enjoy listening to his stories, his like and dislikes. Judge Mathis makes a difference to many people on and off TV one thing I know is that you can't please everyone I think those are the negative ones. You are a steppingstone to many people and is truly loved by many continue to do the things you are doing making a difference. I have saw you giving and helping without any remorse. Continue to give your blessings continuetobeblessed inyour life.

    I only wish that I could see you on person I've watched on TV from the very first day to this day no matter what I love you for each and every thing that you do to make a difference in many people lives.

    Sincerely, Evat Glennmoreless
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  • scripted

    Ok so I have been waiting until I received my $2500 check from Judge Mathis before I wrote this review I was almost skeptical about the check but believe it or not I received it within 30 days like I was told!!! Other than that I'm about to break it down for all y'all fans out and foremost it seems like they are really thirsty for cases I sent in my case and a few days later the producer called me and basically told me I had a good case that I was sure to win and it was a win win situation for paid me and the person (my ex boyfriend) that I sued a $300 appearance fee usually they pay it after the show but I stressed that I was not coming out of pocket for anything in Chicago and I didn't want to be stranded in the hotel all night the one night I'm in Chicago for the first time so the producer agreed to give me half up front when I arrived at my hotel so the next week after initially talking to the producer she had talked my ex into going on the show and had my flight info and hotel info already booked I took my current boyfriend with me cause shit why not lol they paid for him as this is when things got a little fishy for me this is when I started to see the fakeness because when I asked to have my b/f go she said "yes we can make up something that makes him important in the case" I was still excited hell why wouldn't I be free trip to Chicago with my love plus I get paid to go on top of that I supposedly had an air tight case and he had nothing on me supposedly and if I won I would get paid within 30 days so like the producer said it was a win win for everyone (I guess)! So we fly to Chicago it was a really short flight get to the Chicago airport go to baggage claim and there is a man holding a sign with my name we get into a really nice was expecting limo but the navi was nice by the way the producer wants you to call and check in every time u get to a airport ugh so we were taken to the Hard Rock Hotel in downtown Chicago had a very easy fast check in went to the room which was very basic but nice can't complain I went back downstairs to meet with one of the judge Mathis girls not the producer and we basically went over the evidence that I had already sent over to them and she also showed me " my statement" which I never wrote and actual statement I'm assuming she took notes as I spoke to her multiple times about the case and put together her own elaborate version of my statement but it was kinda funny to me I felt super confident so I went with it I got half of my money $150 and went back upstairs and got ready to see Chicago! When u check in you receive a $30 gift card per person for the nice restaurant in the hotel really good BTW we ate there its called Chuck's I believe the chef won master chef or something but after eating we scored some great pot from one of the waiters smoked a little while walking around underground downtown chicago be carful if u do this I was with my man and very aware of our surroundings after we got high we went to the pink pony its a strip club in downtown Chicago and it was horrible compared to Memphis strip clubs (even after the new rules) no smoking no nudity and no alcohol like how is that a strip club o well we got drunk and went back to the hotel ( u can bring your own bottle they sell liqour everywhere in Chicago).... We had to be at the lobby of the hotel at 7am I'm not a morning person I was late more like 730am took us to the NBC tower we went thru medal detectors and had our bags taken and locked up in a cage thing and put into a room with a bunch of other "litigants" with a table with snacks (free food my favorite part) the producer comes in makes u sign paper work saying basically its entertainment purposes only then the flamboyant wardrobe man comes and looks you up and down and tells you what you need to change and brings you what he wants you to wear not what u want he was trying to dress my man and it wasn't going to well he eventually backed off and they agreed on something then I was taken to hair and makeup I can't lie they are awesome had me looking Like Americas next top model lol then was taken into a small room with just me and my man the producer came in and started telling me how it was going to go and what I needed to say and how I needed to say it she gave me exact words even wrote down what she wanted me to say to start my case and even practiced Like she was the judge and told me to have more attitude and interupt and said I had it in the bag well it was time to go on the show I was so nervous my legs were shaking I walked in the court room and a camera was in my face for like 6 minutes which was so awkward for me the defendant and my witness (current b/f) was already in the court room there are cameras all over the court room in the walls behind judge Mathis well court started I began talking and was immediately cut off by the judge even when the defendant tried to tell his story he was cut off by the judge he seems like he likes the spot light a lot well to end my long review I was thrown under the bus I was told I had it in the bag but the defendant ended up having some BS and said it was me well I had proof that those things weren't true but he wouldn't listen to me and took off $1,200 from my suit and awarded me with the $2,500 and the defendant $1,000 for his lies I was made a fool by the judge and by the lies that were told yea it was a good payday and a free trip but don't think it was worth it case has not aired yet I'm scared to death they edit the crap out of it and make me look worse!! Anywyas just wanted to let y'all know how it really goes and I promise its super scripted they set me up for failure!!!!moreless