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Judge Mathis is entertaining Court TV inspired by the troubled childhood of the judge of the same name. Judge Greg Mathis leads the court for an hour long session. Cases in the court are anything but dull. The litigants in each case are typically comical in their own right each with a lengthy story to tell. But Judge Mathis holds his own against the revolving guests, as he can always be counted on to offer a witty statement or instigation from the bench. And his two cents is constantly appreciated by the viewers and the spectators of the court. Lately the television judges of today are straying further from the 'stern-faced' no nonsense judges of the past and the intimidation role of such persons like Judge Judy. Instead, it looks as if the judge of today aims to display this "I want to be your friend" sort of demeanor – which often comes across as strained or scripted. But not with Mathis. When Judge Mathis laughs it up from his post on the bench, or heckles a litigant that was caught cheating on his girlfriend – it doesn't seem scripted, but downright genuine. Mathis seems to gather just as much amusement listening to the stories from his ruling position as the viewers gather from their posts at home. Of course, Judge Mathis isn't based upon an entire platform of humor. Present is the sporadic second of blatant seriousness. No times for laughs, but time for the spotlight to shine as Greg Mathis addresses a courtroom guest about straightening up their life. For importance adds his 'been-there-done-that' point of view about how life on the streets, drugs, and 'thuggin' will get you nowhere but in prison, or dead. The moment of unsmiling monologue is easy to digest – Mathis never goes over the top, he keeps it short and like a flash he moves on and the ho-hum 'scared straight' moment is lifted. Judge Mathis is 60 minutes of entertainment. Underrated against other shows of its genre, it remains a highly favored show among staunch fans. But the show doesn't go completely unnoticed. In 2004 and 2005, Judge Mathis was nominated for a NAACP Image Award in the category of Outstanding TV News, Talk or Information Series or Special.


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AIRED ON 5/16/2005

Season 6 : Episode 143

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Fan Reviews (1441)

  • It's a bunch of BS and is an insult to Americans!

    Why would producers even air this BS? This guy sounds like an uneducated boob! He sounds as if he didn't make it past the 5th grade! He is grammatically incorrect on so many occasions that it is a down right shame to show this crap to our youth! Are we supposed to be proud of this guy? If so, I'm in the wrong country because I want my children to sound and be educated when they speak, and not sound as if they just left the hood of Detroit!!moreless
  • You make me laugh!

    Would like to say that Judge Mathis is great, made my day today. Loves how he messes with people. Please keep them coming.

    Kenneth R Ledford
  • Appalled!

    As I'm trying to wrap my head around what I just saw while watching this show, it hits me that this is a big part of what's wrong with our appalling and questionable legal system in our "free country!" The law is SUPPOSED to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt through the finding of evidence, with the defendant being innocent until PROVEN guilty. First off, this is rarely the case. Most people fight for their lives trying to prove their innocence against circumstantial evidence that should never be allowed in court. In some cases, Judge Mathis seems to already have his mind made up before the litigants have reached the podium and stated their names. On this particular episode, a gentleman (of whom Judge Mathis has apparently already pre-judged) is being sued by his parents for a $248 loan. He admits he's an addict, and its obvious that this is what the claim is really about. At one point, Judge Mathis asks the defendant why he never repayed his parents the $248. He admits, which I personally know how hard this is to do, that his drug use prevented him from coming up with the money. Judge Mathis then says, "Are you still on drugs? Obviously you're still on drugs!" The defendant states, "I have 30 days clean today, your honor!" The audience begins to clap, and anyone who has been addicted knows what an achievement this is, when Judge Mathis reprimandingly says, "Now hold on, don't clap! 30 days ain't that long to be clean!" WTF?!? I was completely disgusted! Who is he to say that 30 days of sobriety isn't a notable achievement? Everyday sober is a victory! I can't fathom what makes this man feel so righteous. It's absurd! On top of that, he denys the defendants counter claim, in which he was sueing for emotional distress from the abuse he suffered throughout his life. Earlier in the show, Judge Mathis acknowledged that he was in fact emotionally abused when the defendant provided text messages from his father. Why was this counter claim denied, when 2 shows earlier a similar situation was brought to the court in which a woman was sueing her sister for emotional distress because she helped her niece escape her abusive mother? The distress in that case was actually toward the defendants niece, and the aunt was granted her counter claim for helping the child. She wasn't even the direct recipient of the abuse! The gentleman in this case was horribly ridiculed based upon the father's religious and personal beliefs, the poor guy asking, "Why do you hate me, dad?", after the father saying many other horrible things. Personally, I think his claim was denied because, and if you watch the episode you'll see what I'm talking about, Judge Mathis made up his mind way before the evidence was heard that the poor guy was just another addict and of no use to society. I will say that Judge Mathis did say that he would get the gentleman help for his addiction, but it was stated in such manner to suggest he was locking the guy up, getting this guy off the streets before he hurts someone else. It didn't seem like he actually cared what happened to the guy, it was apparent that he was disgusted by him. EVERY PERSON ON THIS PLANET IS A HUMAN BEING AND DESERVES TO BE TREATED AS SUCH! Too many Judges are filled with prejudices that they should not bring into a court of law. I see that many of these reviews make comment to the possibility of Judge Mathis being racist and a biggot who favors women. The gentleman in this episode was white, and the defendant in the other episode I reffered to about the counted claim was a black woman. Make your own assumptions and judgements.moreless
  • Bad Judge

    This so called "judge" is nothing more than a racist bully. He totally ignores the law and rules for whomever he likes best. He will always rule in favor of a woman over a man and a black person over a white person. I fail to understand why anyone would go on this show to be humiliated by this thug.
  • I have power

    I used to like him but anymore he's rude, arrogant, judgmental, and belittles people. He's horrible and exhibits typical behaviors in our system. He's already chosen sides when initially reading the case(how it appears). I think it's sad and shouldn't be glorified on TV.