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Judge Mathis

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Judge Mathis is entertaining Court TV inspired by the troubled childhood of the judge of the same name. Judge Greg Mathis leads the court for an hour long session. Cases in the court are anything but dull. The litigants in each case are typically comical in their own right each with a lengthy story to tell. But Judge Mathis holds his own against the revolving guests, as he can always be counted on to offer a witty statement or instigation from the bench. And his two cents is constantly appreciated by the viewers and the spectators of the court. Lately the television judges of today are straying further from the 'stern-faced' no nonsense judges of the past and the intimidation role of such persons like Judge Judy. Instead, it looks as if the judge of today aims to display this "I want to be your friend" sort of demeanor – which often comes across as strained or scripted. But not with Mathis. When Judge Mathis laughs it up from his post on the bench, or heckles a litigant that was caught cheating on his girlfriend – it doesn't seem scripted, but downright genuine. Mathis seems to gather just as much amusement listening to the stories from his ruling position as the viewers gather from their posts at home. Of course, Judge Mathis isn't based upon an entire platform of humor. Present is the sporadic second of blatant seriousness. No times for laughs, but time for the spotlight to shine as Greg Mathis addresses a courtroom guest about straightening up their life. For importance adds his 'been-there-done-that' point of view about how life on the streets, drugs, and 'thuggin' will get you nowhere but in prison, or dead. The moment of unsmiling monologue is easy to digest – Mathis never goes over the top, he keeps it short and like a flash he moves on and the ho-hum 'scared straight' moment is lifted. Judge Mathis is 60 minutes of entertainment. Underrated against other shows of its genre, it remains a highly favored show among staunch fans. But the show doesn't go completely unnoticed. In 2004 and 2005, Judge Mathis was nominated for a NAACP Image Award in the category of Outstanding TV News, Talk or Information Series or Special.


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AIRED ON 5/16/2005

Season 6 : Episode 143

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Fan Reviews (1437)

  • I have power

    I used to like him but anymore he's rude, arrogant, judgmental, and belittles people. He's horrible and exhibits typical behaviors in our system. He's already chosen sides when initially reading the case(how it appears). I think it's sad and shouldn't be glorified on TV.
  • Thanks for the change

    I was getting so tired of all the drug litegants. That was all they talked about and how they would bash the other person when they both did the same thing. That had nothing to do with the case and should not of even been brought up. Your new season has much less so far and I hope it stays that way. I feel you need to deal with the facts not everyone's dirty laundry. I will also say If I ever was in front of you and had to deal with your mocking and belitering the litegants I would walk out, I would not be going there for that. I would loose my case but I have more dignity for myself than being treated that way.moreless
  • 8-25-2015 GREGORY VS. GREGORY

    Judge Mathis, I just watched this segment. I normally do not watch this type of program, but something caught my attention as I was channel surfing. I have a MS degree in Psychology and in Social Work with a specialization in abusive relationships. In this case I totally disagree with you. Any woman who have been abused and constantly harassed by a man (her husband or other) is either living in la la land or totally stupid to give that man a reason to continue to contact her. If you don't know this and you are a judge in TX. You need to be educated, very very badly on this and stop putting women in such a dangerous position by your lack of education. As I hope you know Tarrant county was the leading county in TX and in the US for abusive relationships in the 90s and that is when Tarrant county took a stand to educate and to get these abusers psy help and punishment (when it was called for). It would do you well to speak with some of the Tarrant County local educators in this area of abusive you said and your judgments are setting women back a good 25 - 50 years and in turn causing men to feel they can be abusive and say and do anything to get what they want. This is so wrong I can't believe that someone of your stature on TV would say or do something like this. You personally are responsible for selling back women's right to not be abused or harassed by their husbands or boyfriends or by any man. What you have done is down right criminal and if you can't do the right thing by people you should not be on TV, nor should you be a judge! You are harming not only women, but their children and the men too for that matter! I for one will call the program and make a formal complaint.moreless
  • 03-16-2015,,white man spittin and kicking police

    it is disgusting to hear a tv celebrity ,especially, a supposedly a self proclaimed REAL judge... i have watched Mathis several years till now,,you never made a reference to a supposedly difference in the way the races are treated till to day ,,,guess your still a thug at heart ,,you are as is Obama , in positions to help mend differences,,but you both choose to keep it pumped up and turmoil I know you don't care about my opinion but you were a very large disappointment to me today ,actually a person that i had a lot of respect for until today,,promoting racism on national tv,,bad karma is not a good thing,,support the police ,,you might need one one day,,,moreless
  • son sueing mother for non payment of rent

    I think the judge mathis show is a joke, my husband watches this crap, first of all I don't like judge mathis he's a arrogant wanna be snob, how dare him talk to people the way he does, you wanna be need to learn to talk to people instead you sit in your high chair and ridicule people calling people prostitutes and crack heads, why does this tv network allow him to treat peopl the way he does, if this how your network get there ratings up your show should be cancelled, I'm furious the network allows this man to do this, he holler at individuals like there his children calling them out there names and when they try to defend there selves he gets mad and dismiss there claim and thats not rigjt , you people sit there and watch these shows and uphold his wrong, I hate this saying when black people have authority they abuse it and it hurts me to say that but judge mathis show is a prime examplemoreless
  • 10:00 pm