About spanking your children episode

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    I am watching Judge Mathis as i do when I look for something on tv. I think he is a great judge and person. If he ever ran for office here in Michigan or for President. He would have my vote.

    The thing I wanted to point out is that I am White/Jewish American. My father hit me with a belt. The reasoning behind it was a religious won. My family does believe in Christ and like wise as it says in the New Testament not to spare the rod. I wouldn't do it to my children based on I can see how I am now. I have a bad habit of wanting to resolved a problem with violence. I don't and manage to resist the urge, but doesn't mean it isn't there. If it was allowed I would of been in over forty fights at least growing up. I still recall the day my dad took his US Airforce belt to me. He said it hurt him more then it hurt me. I still am against that saying. I say if you do hit your children with a belt. Please, don't tell them it hurts you more then it hurts them. I say be honest about it as much as possible. So I would say the problems with violence is it does start early. We in America still raise our children like this is Sparta or Rome. If our children make it to being adults they are primed and ready to go as soldiers. It is those who are nearly blood thirsty that are going to be on that frontline. I myself almost ended up in the military. I can see every bit of truth about what Judge Mathis said. Violence begets violence.

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