Hate Crime

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    Dear Judge Mathis:

    I truly appreciate the way you handled the show regarding the hate crime against a young black man by his girlfriend's white step cousin and friends.  Police let them off with supervised probation.  This is unacceptable!

    I would like to know what was done after the show to get the young black man that was beat JUSTICE?  You stated you were going to take this case a step further and I am truly interested in what were the end results.

    Thank you, Judge Mathis, for explaining to the two defendants the seriousness of such a hate crime.  They were not remorseful nor did they apologize to the young man they beat because of his skin color. These young men made racial comments to the police against Blacks and Jews and seemed to have gotten off too light.  They will do it again if they continue to just get a hand slapping for such behavior.  Actually, I think a good punishment would be for them to be sent to South Central to express their hate! (Not going to happen because they are cowards and would never even think about stepping to more than one black at a time).  Thanks for following through to see that this case will be handled properly.

    I feel really close to this case because my son dated a lovely, smart, young lady who is white.  Unfortunately, they broke up but during the time they dated it concerned me that this could have happened to him in 2006.  We all have a long way to go and a short time to get there due to skin color.  There is a song out that says, "I am not my hair, I am not my skin, I am the soul that lives within".  KUDOS to you Judge Mathis for breaking it down to those thugs and following through on getting justice for another black man that was victimized!

    Concerned Mom

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    Well, I saw that ep. , too. It was really great how he put them on blast. Although, I thought the defendants in that case were hispanic? Either way I applauded the judge for his words.

    BTW-this is the link to the Judge Mathis Show homepage:
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