Judge Roy Bean

(ended 1956)





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  • Edgar Buchanan as the only law west of the Pecos. Beautiful Jackie Loughery as his daughter who carried a concealed weapon.

    Most westerns had handsome young bucks in the lead. This show had talented, middle-aged Edgar Buchanan as the hero. But he was given two extremely attractive co-stars to bring in younger viewers.

    Blond, beautiful Jackie Loughery played the Judge's daughter Letty Bean. Jackie was a former Miss U.S.A. and a former Las Vegas show girl. Letty Bean had a derringer in her garter, and whenever she was in danger her long dress was pulled up so she could defend herself. Jackie had great legs and she was fast on the draw.

    Jack Beutel played Judge Bean's handsome young assistant, who was also fast with a gun. Beutel had played Billy the Kid opposite voluptuous Jane Russell in "The Outlaw", which was directed by Howard Hughes. Jane Russell had impressive conealed weapons of her own.

    A cheaply made show, but Judge Roy Bean had its charms.