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Judgement Day

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Judgement Day is a video game review television show on G4 hosted by Victor Lucas and Tommy Tallarico. The two hosts rate games independently on a scale of 0 through 10, with 0 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. The show is filmed on location at several different locales. The hosts stand in frame as video game footage is projected onto an object in the background such as a billboard or the side of a building. The unscripted show is filmed over the course of several hours and later edited to fit the show's thirty minute time frame. Unlike other game review shows, the hosts (Victor Lucas & Tommy Tallarico) give their opinions and a rating out of 10 for the games that they review.

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  • Lame rip-off of an already good video game review show...

    Unfunny hosts, and very lame scoring system. Since X-Play already did the \"1-5\" scale, they have to do \"1-10\" and to make themselves sound really intelligent, they have crap like 4.5...etc... X-play reviews, and PREVIEWS upcoming games. More than what Judgement Day offers. Overall, this show is not worth any effort at all. I have no choice but to give this show a 1... out of 5.
  • Too bad it got canceled.

    Judgement Day is simply a video game review TV show with two hosts, Victor Lucas and Tommy Tallarico. This show got canceled because of low ratings - which I don't understand. This is a great show with two greats hosts that usually debate video games. The two of them often disagree on what game is better, and that's what makes it good. This was one of the best shows on G4 before it got taken off the air. Anybody that loves video games that saw this show likely liked it. If not, they don't know what they're talking about. Great, informative, interesting, entertaining show.moreless
  • Tommy and Victor review various video games, accessories, comics and make comparisons on the video game review show.

    I have always been a fan of Judgement day. They give games scores based on a 10 scale which is easier to understand. They also review games based on re-playability,sound, graphics and story. Other than Xplay which gives a 3 out of 5. a vague score that is given out to almost every game they review. Even games they claim to hate get it. Tommy is a very harsh critic and pulls no punches. While Victor is the good cop of this group seems to be more forgiving. They rarely let their personal likes get in the way of a review. (like Adam Sessler's hate of anime or Rpgs) Their reviews are very fair and balanced. Looking into replay value and story not just sound and graphics. Plus they recap the shows reviews. Something Xplay finally got around to doing this season. A segment called Buried Treasure. Is used as a filler for those months that are light game releases. Showing older games you might have missed. But can now find a rock bottom prices. They also review Video game Accessories. Something that many other video game review shows miss entirely. Finally they interview various artist and writers to upcoming comics that you might want to look out for. and instead of just giving you clips of upcoming games. they give you interviews with the developers. Let you know what they plan the game to be like. All in all this is a very entertaining 30 minutes that uses most of its time with reviewing and not silly skits about nothing (ahem Xplay) My only problem is that G4 doesn't broadcast it regularly. But they should its far superior to Xplay or any other video game review show you watch.moreless
  • mediocre.

    this show is one of the least open minded shows on TV. Bias Reviews and nonsensical banter. annoying personalities. they usually remove focus from the games and start insulting themselves. and over the top ratings. dumb really.sometimes i just wonder who put tallarico in there. he is the most biased person to rate a game. common ppl, do something. for exaple he doent have to produce. Bigup to him however for his recent video game concertmoreless
  • Judgement Day is a show that reviews video games.

    Judgement Day is a show that reviews video games from 1 to 10. It's a great show to watch because they tell you which games are worth buying. Usually thier ratings are good but sometimes thier scores don't really make much sense. The two reviewers try to be funny but usually aren't and they waste a lot of time talking about pointless subjects. Overall, this show is a pretty good review show and I recommend watching it.moreless

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