Judging Amy

Season 3 Episode 22

Boston Terriers From France

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM May 07, 2002 on CBS
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Boston Terriers From France
Amy turns into a henpecking daughter upon Maxine's return from the hospital, forcing her mother to suffer through a healthier diet and a walking group for seniors; after Maxine questions the wisdom of living with Amy, they agree it would be best for Amy to move out; Amy's worried that Bruce is planning to enter a guilty plea on his assault charge; Kyle is forced to tell a runaway that she's dying; Amy hears the case of a high school student who hides her baby in a storage room during class.moreless

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    Currie Graham

    Currie Graham

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    Daniel Roebuck

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      • (Regarding The Wise Women Walkers)
        Amy: Just try it!
        Maxine: I'd rather snort prune juice up my nose.
        Amy: Well you can do both.
        Lauren: Are you and Grandma fighting?
        Amy: No.
        Maxine: Yes!
        Lauren: She didn't like The Wise Women Walkers did she?

      • Maxine: (to Amy) You want to know what your trouble is? It's always the same thing. It's why you got married when you knew it was a mistake, and it's why you slept with Lauren's karate teacher and God knows who else. You are afraid to be alone. You are. You get married five minutes after you graduated law school , and when you divorced Micheal you moved in here five minutes after that. And all of this hovering and scolding and policing and signing me up to walk with the New Age Hypochondriacs from Hell, is just another version of you being afraid to be alone. You're stuck to me like pine sap because you're afraid your Mommy's gonna die. You worry about my stress levels, when the truth is, half the stress in my life comes from you!
        Amy: I think I should move out.
        Maxine: I do too.

      • Amy: What are you doing?
        Maxine: Something that should have been done months ago.
        Amy: It's two o'clock in the morning.
        Maxine: Yes, why aren't you sleeping?
        Amy: How can I sleep when you're having the loudest nervous breakdown in history?

      • Maxine: Are you aware that your library book is 4 months overdue?
        Kyle: That girl stole it. The one who died.
        Maxine: I am sorry.
        Kyle: How do you do it? How do you keep banging your head against the wall every single day without your skull caving in?
        Maxine:Well I certainly have my share of headaches, but the wall has a few lumps as well.
        Kyle: I work my ass off to get to these kids, to bring them in, let them know that it's going to be ok and then they're gone. They run away or they're dead. Well guess what? I'm done. I wil work at Teen Harbor but I am through with the chasing. If they want help they will come in, fill out the forms and they will ask. I'm through going after them, it's not worth it. No wonder I'm smoking so much.
        Maxine: Well I'm sure you know best. However at this moment you do not know best because if you did, you would shut up! And you would quit using feeling sorry for yourself as an excuse to smoke, and you would know that if you want absolute victories then you should go back into medicine. We do what we can. We patch them up, send them out there and hope for the best. And we very seldom get it, but we keep going because what the hell else are we going to do?!?

      • Maxine: When my daughter called you did you tell her that nobody likes a snitch?
        Sean: Look, I've never pulled rank on you. Mostly because you'd ignore me and I'd back down, but that's just what I'm doing- pulling rank and not backing down. Either you go home right now, or I will fire you (Maxine laughs) I will.

      • Maxine: (To Amy) I'm not certain, but I think I just heard your blood pressure spike.

      • Kyle: She's burning up! Call 911!
        Giselle: Are you officially giving me permission to use the phone? (she waits)
        Kyle: Call 911 NOW!

      • Maxine: Prune Juice? What exactly do you think is wrong with me?

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