Judging Amy

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  • Season 6
    • Pilot
      Episode 23
    • My Name is Amy Gray...
      Maxine tries to make amends with Ignacio, but Ignacio shrugs her advances off not wanting to be jerked abound by Maxine. Donna springs some surprise guests on Amy in an attempt to get Amy to open up to the bill in front of Congress. Amy contemplates running for Congress, but Maxine attacks Amy’s decision. Elsewhere Maxine must rush to save a child from her mother. Amy calls Bruce and apologizes. Ignacio poses a question to Maxine.moreless
    • Getting Out
      Getting Out
      Episode 21
      Sean and Maxine take drastic steps to stop a foster family from losing their home. Vincent has a close call with a student. Elsewhere Amy hears the case of a 10 year old with a very violent past. Bruce gets accused by the boy; Amy and Bruce have an argument. Bruce makes a drastic announcement.moreless
    • Too Little, Too Late
      Maxine is hot on the trail of a college professor accused of abusing his wife. Amy is hearing a case of boy accused of assaulting a police officer; Amy learns that there is more than meets the eye to this case. Lauren has some trouble at school; Amy and Lauren have a showdown regarding Laurens recent behavior. Vincent gets some good news.moreless
    • Revolutions Per Minute
      Lauren makes an announcement to the family, regarding her eating. Amy hears the case of a boy accused of locking his mother in the basement and assaulting her. They boy tells Amy some of the things his mother has done to him. Maxine gets involved in a case of alleged child abuse. Peter is uncomfortable with what ‘might’ have happened while he and Gillian were separated.moreless
    • Sorry I Missed You
      Sorry I Missed You
      Episode 18
      Amy oversees a case involving a 5-year-old girl who is at the center of a custody battle between the girl's 21-year-old half sister and their parents. During the custody hearing, Amy tries to get to the root of why the girl's half-sister feels so strongly about removing the child from her home. Meanwhile, Maxine tries to broker a deal between a foster and a biological mother of a young boy so that both can keep the child in their lives.moreless
    • The New Normal
      The New Normal
      Episode 17
      A 15-year-old girl, who Maxine previously placed in a foster home, tests positive for HIV; Amy finds out about a school dance Lauren doesn't want her to chaperone; Amy presides over a case where an Arab-American teenager is charged with assault; Maxine and Ignacio have an encounter of the romantic kind in Ignacio's home; Crystal arranges for Vincent to teach a creative writing class at a youth detention center.moreless
    • The Paper War
      The Paper War
      Episode 16
      While attending a bench and bar dinner, Amy gets into a heated argument with the State Attorney and accuses his office of being politically motivated in regard to the juvenile justice system.
    • Hard To Get
      Hard To Get
      Episode 15
      Several weeks have passed since Amy's miscarriage, but things are not quite back to normal for her. She refuses to discuss the house with David and brushes off Bruce's admonition that she's becoming too close to Graciela. Maxine meets up with a high school friend at a wedding and discovers that her recent divorce has left her depressed. Maxine helps her reconnect with the world by getting her involved at the hospital - holding HIV positive babies to stimulate their growth. Crystal invites Vincent to come to her AA meeting marking 30 days of being sober and they begin a new phase in their relationship. When Graciela is arrested for being in the car during a drive-by shooting, Amy goes all-out to keep her from being tried as an adult. Bruce asks her not to get too invested because he doesn't want to see her "lose...again," which unfortunately, she does. David returns Amy's half of the deposit on their dream house and tells her that he thinks they should take a break.moreless
    • Happy Borthday
      Happy Borthday
      Episode 14
      Amy finds it rather difficult to follow her mom's advice and embrace her 40th birthday as a milestone. Donna is in Amy's court representing a 13-year-old girl who accidentally kills her friend while they are out on a joyride but shows no remorse for her death. Maxine tries to determine whether two brothers are better off without the presence of their father, an ex-con, in their lives. Amy miscarries on her 40th birthday. Amy drowns her sorrows at a bar located on the beach, where she meets a stranger who gives her the perspective she needs during her difficult time.moreless
    • Dream a Little Dream
      Amy oversees an emotional case involving a 13-year-old boy with a history of violent behavior who shot and killed his grandfather who was suffering from terminal lung cancer; Maxine uncovers a human smuggling operation while following up on a report of a young boy being beaten numerous times; Vincent witnesses the gunning down of a prostitute by her pimp; Meanwhile, Amy and David search for the perfect house to start their life together in.moreless
    • You Don't Know Me
      You Don't Know Me
      Episode 12
      Unaware that he is hiding his true feelings and pretending to be happy for her, Amy is annoyed by Bruce's casual response to news of her engagement. Amy is also annoyed that her relationship with Bruce has evolved to the point where he knows all of her idiosyncrasies, including, he asserts, how she'll rule in the heartrending case of a teenage girl with epilepsy whose parents disagree about whether or not she should have risky brain surgery that may stop her seizures; Elsewhere, Maxine has issues with an affluent, mostly white prep school after a student there is severely beaten; a publisher takes an interest in Vincent's new book; Lauren lashes out at Amy for being pregnant.moreless
    • 10,000 Steps
      10,000 Steps
      Episode 11
      When Amy tells Lauren about being pregnant, her reaction is not exactly what Amy would have liked; While working at the outreach office for teenage runaways, Vincent uses his flair for writing to encourage a teenage runaway to write a better essay about himself so that he will be accepted in a half-way house; Amy presides over a case involving parents who want to terminate their custody over their adopted child due to his short temper and destructive behavior; Maxine deals with a case involving a boy who uses his eight year old foster brother as a drug mule; Peter fears for his relationship with Gillian when all she wants to do is have sex; Amy and David become engaged.moreless
    • The Long Run
      The Long Run
      Episode 10
      Amy learns that she is pregnant with David's baby after taking a home pregnancy test, resulting in David returning from his sailing trip to discuss with Amy their future together and what they mean to each other; Maxine's first case back since her heart-attack involves a seventeen year old single father; Amy presides over a case involving a boy who stabs his teacher; Vincent and Crystal take a ten year old prostitute to the hospital after being beaten up by her pimp.moreless
    • Silent Era
      Silent Era
      Episode 9
      High-school student Graciela Reyes is brought to Amy's courtroom for violating her parole, but it is soon uncovered that the reason for this is that her mother has moved to Gautamala along with her two brothers, leaving Graciela behind; Meanwhile, the Gray family rallies around Maxine after she is forced to have open-heart surgery after she suffers a second heart attack during a visit to the cardiologist; Sean locates Anthony Bird, who is living with a family who had recently adopted him.moreless
    • Conditional Surrender
      Maxine resists Gillian's home grown cardiac rehabilitation program; Lauren tells Amy that she wants to live with Michael; when Vincent comes to Sean looking for work, Sean refers him to Crystal Turner, who runs a outreach program for homeless teenagers; David quits his job and takes off for the Caribbean on his sailboat; Amy must decide whether a depressed woman with multiple sclerosis is well enough to care for her ten year old son; Vincent offers to tutor a homeless teenager studying for his G.E.D., but when he tries to get the boy off the street and into a group home, the boy disappears.moreless
    • Early Winter
      Early Winter
      Episode 7
      Frantic with worry, the Gray siblings quarrel like two year olds, and Sean is wracked with guilt, as Maxine lies in an ICU bed recovering from a heart attack; Amy finally gets a new clerk, whose ability to speak Spanish is an invaluable aid in the sentencing hearing of a teenager charged with burglary and assault; Ignacio gives Vincent some wise insight into Maxine; reminiscing about the beginning of their relationship brings Gillian and Peter back together; after Maxine hallucinates about her mother's death in the same hospital, she checks herself out and returns home despite her doctor's recommendation that she undergo bypass surgery.moreless
    • Catching It Early
      Back at work from her suspension, Maxine is becoming unhinged as she desperately searches for Anthony Byrd; Amy spends a tense day awaiting the results of a breast biopsy; Donna's summation reveals how closely she identifies with the teenage client she represents in Amy's court; Peter and Gillian search for a school for Ned; Amy arrives home to find an unconscious Maxine on the kitchen floor.moreless
    • Order and Chaos
      Order and Chaos
      Episode 5
      Maxine teeters on the brink of collapse as she refuses to move out of Colton Gerard's hotel room, rages against Sean for his failure to run the department properly, and is suspended after being arrested for slapping a foster child who has abused and neglected her elderly and ailing foster mother; Vincent gets an eye-opening look at his life through the eyes of a teenager in foster care who was abused by his mother; Peter's praise of Gillian's mothering skills draws them closer together when they meet with their son's teacher, and they are shocked to discover that Ned is biting other children because his genius-level I.Q. leaves him bored with school; Donna is angry when an over-controlling Amy steamrollers right over her and the State's Attorney in a misguided attempt to help Donna win her first case as an attorney and ensure that her mentally ill teenaged client receives the help he desperately needs from the system; distressed about her mother's arrest and refusal to return home, Amy blows off a date with David to cry on Bruce's shoulder over a few beers, which doesn't go over well with David.moreless
    • Consent
      Episode 4
      Amy has difficulty dealing with Lauren's need for privacy; blinded by Anthony Bird's loss, Maxine lies to Sean and makes all the wrong choices in dealing with a teenaged boy who's holed up in a hotel room after discovering that he was kidnapped by his mother as a child; Amy must determine if aggravated sexual assault occurred between two teenagers attending a sex party, but can't seem to leave the case in the courtroom when she encounters Lauren at home; Gillian takes the news of their financial difficulties well, and offers Peter her support; Vincent confesses to Gillian that he's no longer working on his book; Amy resists David's attempts to redefine their relationship.moreless
    • Legacy
      Episode 3
      After Vincent asks his brother to lend him the money he needs to pay back the advance on his novel, Peter meets with his accountant to free up the funds and discovers that his business is headed toward insolvency; Maxine sets some strict boundaries for Ignacio, who soon realizes that it's time to divorce Francesca; Amy is back in juvenile court and immediately has a conflict with Bruce over the pace at which her docket is moving, but she persists in digging deeper into the case of a twelve year old boy who admitted to a felony murder; even though the publicity generates a lot of leads, Sean is upset when the Anthony Byrd case makes the paper, which recommends that they be fired for losing Anthony in the system; David buys a boat, but can't convince Amy to overcome her aversion to sailing; Maxine's teenage client mounts a publicity campaign to find an adoptive family before he graduates from high school; Donna resigns as Amy's clerk after accepting a position as a court-appointed minor counsel for the Hartford Youth Advocates, and moves into her new office right across the hall from Amy's chambers; Maxine struggles to overcome her resistance to helping Lauren with a school project that involves talking about her childhood and the difficulties she faced when she lost her mother at the age of eleven.moreless
    • Lullaby
      Episode 2
      Vincent's struggles with his latest novel leads him into blowing off his agent, who responds by dropping Vincent and demanding the return of the advance that Vincent's already spent; Maxine receives another award, and uses her acceptance speech to talk about the young boy lost in the system that she and Sean can't seem to locate; Amy's dealings with two troubled teenage girls and their mothers in Accountability court inspires her to change her focus when she returns to Juvenile Court; Maxine tries to avoid removing the children of a overburdened single mother working to overcome anger and abuse issues; David finally feels that he's put his wife's death behind him and can now pursue a relationship with Amy; Ignacio lets Maxine know that he's ready to do whatever it takes to have a future with her; Amy fires Donna to propel her into practicing law; Kyle decides to accompany Heather to Minnesota and take care of their son while she's in rehab.moreless
    • Accountability
      Episode 1
      With all three of her children living once again under the same roof with her, Maxine finally decides to let them be the grownups that they are (horseplay notwithstanding) and fix their own breakfasts; the ceiling in Amy's courtroom collapses, and she is sentenced to a stint in Accountability court, which she deems a punishment for her ruling in the Casey Ives matter; shortly after his return from New Mexico, David is devastated to discover that the man who holds the secret to his wife's murder has died; Ignacio asks Amy to plead his case with Maxine; Sean asks Maxine to track down the missing placement records on a little boy, and they discover that there's no trace of him anywhere; Heather visits Kyle to ask his forgiveness, announce that she's entering into a treatment program, and tell him about their son, but he doesn't believe any of it; Maxine relents her stance on Ignacio a little by allowing him to fix the broken sprinklers in the garden; Amy tries to figure out what's behind a formerly well-behaved teenager's sudden acting out; Donna passes the bar; Peter invites Gillian to family dinner; Maxine goes ballistic when she overhears Kyle refusing to have anything to do with his son.moreless
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