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    Logged onto Tvshowsondvd.com today... looked up Judging Amy. Here is what they have to say...

    Judging Amy (1999)

    Date added to database: 2/01/2002Content Links

    DVD Rights owned/licensed by:20th Century FoxReleases (0)
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    Related Links (2)Show Categories:Drama

    Voting Results
    Unreleased Rank:66thOverall Rank:218thSeason Set:1629(99%)Best of:272(17%)Individual Episodes:261(16%)Total Number of Voters:1641

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    Judging Amy is a TV show which is totally great once you watch it, and it certainly promises the viewer to provide an improvement on the story lines as the episodes moves forward. I surely got hooked with this amazing show. The characters of the show are all wonderful and acts very well. I also like the topics they had in different episodes. I was shocked to know that it got cancelled and felt sorry then. I really do missed watching it in the primetime series and I waited for years to find an excellent copy of this show. I purchased a complete DVD set at http://www.sweetsecondlife.com/Judging_Amy_Dvd_Full_Tv_Show.html which happens to be a very efficient seller. Timely and organized shipping. DVDs arrived in great condition and when I checked it, it has great quality. I’m fully satisfied with the whole set I received as I surely enjoy every moment of watching it all over again. A good quality program that certainly teaches you good values in every episode.
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    Amy Brenneman answered in 2011 about why there isn't a DVD.

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