Judging Amy

Season 1 Episode 21

Gray vs. Gray

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM May 09, 2000 on CBS

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  • Mr. Potter becomes Ms. Gray's new supervisor. Excellent! He puts her in her place when she arrives late and does not know a client that claims her as the next of kin. Much better than the last supervisor.

    Enter Mr. Potter! Now there is a competent supervisor for Ms. Gray. This will strengthen the series.

    Amy is dealing with the sudden death of Greta. She feels her mortality. It reveals something about her.

    Vincent is coming out of his depression. He needs to help Donna deal with her husband being released from prison. She married safe...as safe as anyone can. Additionally, it is interesting to see Donna working around the apartment. It is a realistic scene. Donna over does it again...typical of her personality. You just gotta love Donna. It is great to see her work on Vincent's co-worker.
  • Maxine and Amy battle over the same client - Amy needs a homeless teen to testify on his deathbed and Maxine wants to protect him and preserve his life until a donor heart can be found.

    This was an excellent episode. The scenes with Maxine and the young boy who is critically ill are very heart-wrenching for any mother to watch. You can see Maxine's maternal instincts and protectiveness clearly go beyond the realm of her occupation, and once again Tyne Daly gives an outstanding performance. The young actor playing Joseph was excellent as well - he should have a career in film. The scene where he tellsher he dowesn\'t want to die and he cries will make you forget the rest of the episode.