Judging Amy

Season 2 Episode 21

Redheaded Stepchild

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM May 15, 2001 on CBS



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    • Maxine: I'm envoking your rights as an Uncle.
      Vincent: Mom I can't watch Lauren...
      Maxine: You were born on the hottest day of the year, 19 hours of labor, they wanted to use forceps, but I refused.
      Vincent: I could have been paralyzed.
      Maxine: You know how I hate to bring that up.

    • (Maxine's throwing dishes into the sink)
      Amy: What are you doing, Ma?
      Maxine: Pretending I'm at a Greek wedding.

    • Bruce: It's not just the confidentiality thing. The couple's African-American.
      Sean: I'm white.
      Bruce: No kidding.

    • (Carole enters to see Donna and Lauren playing Barbies and Vincent working on his book.)
      Carole: So, uh, what are we all doing?
      Lauren: Donna and I are playing 'Parole Board Babes' and Uncle Vincent is cutting his novel to shreds.

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