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  • Like the show however.

    Amy's mother is a twit, and her kid is a pain in the ass.
  • Bring back Judging Amy!!

    I have just watched the very last episode of Judging Amy,,, I am Amy Gray from my home town in New Zealand. Obviously I'm probably the last to know! I didn't realise it was the last episode and wondered why the next episode hadn't recorded. Anyway, I have just spent the last hour trying to figure out what's going on. I can't believe this - I actually feel depressed which I have never experienced with any TV show before. Can someone tell me who might be in the know if it is likely to return? I am gutted .... it is the most interesting alive amazing inspired script and awesome actors - I thought I would at least live to see the day when Amy and Bruce got together (forget David).. that's not too much to ask!!
  • I like this show but...............

    I just can't understand why Amy is written as wise and insightful when giving verdicts - yet she is so stupid when dealing with matters at home!! Is it the same woman?

    I just noticed that one of the main writers is Amy Brenneman herself so the writing of the two sides of the main character seems to have been deliberate!
  • Great show

    Private practice is out, how about bring back Judging Amy?

    The show has no happy ending and was stopped abruptly.

    So sorry to see it cancel, please bring it back

  • i love this show!

    Judging Amy is a TV show which certainly gets you hooked once you watch it and it also shows improving topics on each and every episode. All of the actors/actresses of the show are very excellent in playing their roles. I was sad when it got cancelled. I missed watching this series in the line of primetime shows and glad to know that I found a copy and purchased one at memorylanedvd .com . I received an absolutely amazing set! Complete episodes with great quality. Very satisfied with the order and definitely thankful to watch again a well-produced TV series of all time!
  • Not great.

    I never cared much for this show. I always found it to be rather boring and uninteresting. The acting was good, the plots were average, and the drama was decent. I guess my big problem with the show was the lack of excitement and action. It was basically a show that never strayed far from its premise, which I found tiring. I must admit that I have never watched more than a few episodes and I even found that somewhat hard to do. Overall, not a good show, but not a bad show. I must say that it was just average. Thank you.
  • Pure Emotion

    I must have seen all the Judging Amy series beginning to end half a dozen times and still cry solidly for the last ten/eleven minutes every time I watch the Requiem episode: from the start of memorial in the diner until the words 'In Loving Memory of Richard Crenna' appear with Norah Jones finishes singing 'One Flight Down'. So much is happening in this episode: Charles struggling with guilt, Stu Collins finally filled with doubts and Maxine trying for a tiny moment of comedy just before she ultimately succumbs to the grief she's held at bay since hearing of Jared's death.
    The fact that Richard Crenna had passed away in reality and therefore the actors' grief was probably authentic, makes this all the more emotional. The scriptwriters could have explained Jared's absence in any one of a dozen ways but this was just perfect.
  • This is one of those shows where you could watch it over and over again it is great. Bring it Back.

    There are hardly words to say about this show it is one that you can watch over and over again and never get tired of it. You can watch it and it feels like real life ot is not fake and totally out there and leave you thinking that could and would never happen not this show. Thi show is completely real it shows a family that has there struggles and there problems and how they get through them although they might no always turn out good it is great. It has some happy episodes and some tearjerkers but it always brought me back for more and i would love it if this show was still on because every time that i watch reruns it still brings me back for more.
  • Bring IT BACK!

    This was a great show. Now, I can understand CBS Cancelling it but I am sofa king mad that TNT Took it off. I am wondering if TNT decided to do that or if they were forced. It should still be on tv. 8-31-2007 was it's last showing on TNT. It should still be on. I think another network should pick it up like Nick @ Night or TBS. I think it would be great for Nick @ Night. I think N@N shows good shows, but way too many airings of it. I love Fresh Prince of Bel-Air but to have the wole night of it and the show be on 5 other channels, that is a little extreme.I think J.A. woul be a great addition. Anyways, J.A. deserves to still be on tv. I hope maybe N@N or TNT will pick it up
  • Really. Is it's producer a terrorist? Because this show was the BOMB.

    Really, really, really good show. I think whatecer channel it was on should bring it back immediately because it is by far on of the best show in the universe. I don't know why it suddenly got to be canceled and what I really want is for Amy and David McLaren to get back together. What is really th essence of this show is showing everyone that life is really unfair, like what happened to Amy by her fortieth birthday: miscarriaging her child, breaking up with her fiance, getting out of her job, a close friend dying, another one getting mad at her: this show has a lot of sense many television programs just don't have anymore.
  • Dear CBS, Please bring back Judging Any. It is a very good family series that I love. Please be nice to your viewers and bring it back!

    Dear CBS,
    It feels so bad to read for the first time after the program has stopped (more than 2yrs)that the series which I enjoy watching on Hallmark channel has been cancelled. Please if it's not too late to ask, can you bring it back? This is a real life story unfolding. I leave in the UK and I enjoy watching this series(Judging Amy) even though I just discovered is an old series. Please bring it back.
    It was just out of interest that I went searching in the internet about this real life series today only to get this disappointing news. Please bring back the whole casts. I enjoy the Grays family and the whole series have been quite inspiring.
    Thank you.
    Julie -London UK
  • This show was filled true life examples of how people live, act, it also shows how different careers get along in one house hold and mother and daughter bonding. Just a good family show.

    Dear CBS
    Taking Judging Amy off really sucks. My life with out Judging Amy hasn't been a good night yet. There isn't anything that peeks my eye because everything I get involved in that is really good is cancelled. Why????? Please put Judging Amy and cast back on. A true fan!!!!

    Thank You
  • I was upset!

    I was mad when they canceled this. There has yet to be a show this good about a judge...lol. I still watch the re runs every morning while im out for summer break or spring break. I really wish they would bring it back but now Amy Brenneman is with that new show...I can't remember the name of it! but there's still hope! This show got better every season.
  • Juding Amy is a show that follows the life of Amy as she strugles her new job as a Juvinile Judge, with home life.

    Juding Amy is in my top 3 favorte shows ever. I've always loved it for as long as I can remember. It was a great, great show, which the whole family could usly watch. The acting performances were awesome, and it had a great mix of hummor and drama, and makes you wonder what is right and wrong. While I loved her being a judge part, I also loved the part her mom played, because she always did things the way she believed it needed to be done, and would do anything to get to the bottom of her case. All, and All it is a wonderfull show, and its truely ashame it was cancled.
  • This show can be upseting but it usualy has a happy ending. Deals with the hard times children can have in life, from childrens service to juvinal court.

    Just a generaly good show, usualy uplifting. I admit sometimes it lacks the "everything works out in the end" ending. But so does life. Its harder to catch on if you have not been keeping up with the season. Which I count against it. I am not a daily tv watcher and I like things that come to a conclusion on everything by the end of the episode. But most of the story is concluded in each episode. It can be a bit upsetting, but lacks the extream gore and violence you see on most shows these days. This is just an all around good drama. Please forgive the spelling my spell check is having problems. Sorry.
  • to much drama

    this show is good i used to watch it all the time it is realy good i don't watch it any more because i thought it had to much drama now i hate it i can't beleave she lost( ******SPOILER****** ) her baby well that is all i got to say about the show oh one more thing i used to like it not anymore i8 hate it now now that is all i got to say wait i have somthing else it is not a good show it is realy not a very good show i'm sorry i ment it is bad!!
  • It's a really great show!

    I like this show because it isn't only about work. They let us see a lot of the private life of the characters. It's about Amy's life, who lives together with her mom. And she's struggling with her daughter, but also her love life isn't that good. Since she know David everything is getting better. She's pregnant now from David. Inside the court room she have a good friend working for her named Bruce. Donna worked first too in her court room, but now she's a good child lawyer. I don't know what's going on between Maxine and Ignacio. Since the heart-attack Ignacio disappeared. But maybe that's because I've not saw all the episodes. I really like this show! :)
  • Wrapping it up

    I hate how they cancelled this show so abruptly. I think it was terrible what they did to the fans who were so faithful tuning it to watch this family every week. No wrap up. I thought Maxine's character was the best and Loren was portrayed as a spoiled brat but it is expected of Amy's child anyway but I loved the show. I wish it had turned into a spin off of sorts with Amy going to Washington, a whole new show with new direction but I wouldn't want to lose the Maxine character. I think they owe their fans a final episode at least. Amy should have been allowed to be happy at least in the end.
  • A really great show.

    I really like this show Judging Amy. I really like the whole concept behind the show and i really like that the show is based upon Amy's mother life. I think that the show has an amazing cast and they all do a wonderful job playing their characters. I really like all the storylines with the characters and all of the storylines that they add durning every episode. I wish I watched this show when it first started to air instead of seeing all the episodes after the show has ended. I also wish that there were more new episodes.
  • Real Life story mixed with great TV drama together to make Judging Amy!

    Great show. Actually my father started watching it before me and then got me hooked. What is so great about it? One the main charectors in the story are orginally based on real life people. Not only that but their real jobs. Yes of course it is not 100% because you have to mix in what makes a TV drama and there are some changes of course but still top of the line. Two, it shows that being a single monther doesn't have to stop you from being successful. Three, it shows that as long as you have your family that, even if you agrue from time to time, you can do anything and get through anything that life throws at you! What a great show with core values and strong 90's concepts for women!
  • Love it!

    This show provides a view inside the life of "real life" Amy Brenneman. Playing the role as Judge Amy Gray. This show revolves around amy's life living with her mother after getting divorced, struggling with her daughter, and then there's her ever so cursed love life. Inside the court room, Bruce by her side as her Cso and the excentric donna. Fast track Harvard-bred corporate lawyer from New York finds herself in Hartford, Connecticut living with a nagging mom and a cute little daughter while working as a juvenile court judge. Acting on instinct more than protocol, Judge Amy tries to mete out justice while struggling with her new status as a single mom.
    Brenneman's mom was the first woman to graduate from Harvard Law School and currently serves on the Connecticut Supreme Court. Brenneman herself went to Harvard and reports her mom was initially not thrilled when she chose acting over a law career.
  • a show about a Juvenile Court judge named Amy Gray who is a single mom and lives with her opinionated socialworker mother and is raising her daughter, Lauren

    I just began watching the show back in July..I was just flipping through the channels trying to find some decent daytime tv(which can be very hard to find nowadays), and i just happened to come across an episode on TNT and i watched it, and i became absolutely hooked on the show..ive been watching it everyday since July, and on days when i can't watch it i try to record it..It is a great show..very realistic, very exciting and intense, as well as humorous at times, which is a very good mix..some episodes leave me laughing while others leave me saying, "WOW"..every episode leaves me looking foreward to the next..The characters are also very well developed, which is also very important..character development can either make or break a show i think..in this case, after only a few episodes, i knew all the characters, their personalities, and after awhile even got to feel like i knew them personally..I have only good things to say about the show, and i think that CBS made a huge mistake cancelling it..i can tell that even from the short amount of time that ive been watching it.. the the fact that it can still attract so many new fans even after cancellation says something about what a great show it really is.
  • a drama about a single mother who is a Family Court judge in Hartford, Connecticut. Judge Amy Gray is divorced and raising her young daughter, Lauren. She also lives with her mother Maxine who is a stuborn and opinionated social worker.

    Okay so i started watching this tv show when an episode was on a video flight when i was coming back from Ireland and there was absolutly nothing to watch whatsoever. Now who would have thought that something on airplane tv would actually be good but it is. Amy\'s court cases are often \"ripped from the headlines\" as are Maxines work cases, but the fact is that they are interesting, funny, smart, and exciting. Ithink the best part of this show is the fact that it is an inteligent show. The main charecters have all been to college an don\'t talk or act like charecters in <i>not another teen movie</i> or worse. Yeah, i guess that\'s it.
  • I know this is late but this show really is great!When I can't watch it I record it.So what is it going to take to get the 2 hr show to wind things up.I feel like an old friend has moved and not kept in touch.BRING IT BACK FOR A FINAL SHOW TO SAY GOODBY.

    I watch the re-runs on TNT, but not knowing it would be the last season, it would really be great if CBS or even another (maybe TNT) would do the final show to say Good Bye - we will miss all the characters. Does Amy get married? Does Maxine get married? How about Vincent - what happened in California? Does Jillian and Peter stay together? How about Bruce? He is a good man - does he ever find happiness? Donna - what about her ex? Does he get out of jail and cause her any problems? Please - someone, help us finish the story and close the book. Not only for the Fans, but for the Cast. You are all awesome and should take a bowe.
  • Relaxing to watch..

    I like the characters, they are down to earth but not in a boring way. At first I didn't really watch it, but when I started it kinda became a habit so I watch it everytime I see it. It's just easy to watch, it's not explicit like Law & Order and all those detective/prison shows but it's as intruiguing. Amy is a nice character and her mom is a pretty cool woman for someone her age. I guess the characters are normal but still intresting in their own way, it's well balanced. It's easy going...
  • I never understood why noone told me about this show. It is an awesome tale of family and law. It's put together so well. And the fact that is was only on for 6 years and I can only watch it in syndication is a sin.

    I must say, I do not watch CBS at all. I never watch that station. But to miss such a jem from 99-05, I had to slap myself. It's such a great show. Granted i'm now watching it from the 4th season on TNT, it's still awesome. I have it TIVO'd also so I miss not one minute of it. My season pass for it makes me have a marathon on my days off from work, so I can catch up with what I have missed. A story very well told of a single mom, her brothers and her erratic mother and her struggles with law and boyfriends is a tale liek none other an I was sad to see that it left in May of this year and there was no advertisement for it. Lousy bastardos.

    By the way where and when are the seasons coming out so that I can buy it already?!
  • Judging Amy is a great show about a family. Amy is a family court judge with a daughter. Her mother is a social worker.

    This is the best show ever. It is so extremely sweet. I would say that the main theme of the show is family because everything is based around it.(family court judge, social worker, the show is also based around amys family, and the main characters are all related) It is such a shame that it was canceled about a year ago in 2005. The cast on the show is great, especially Amy Brennenman who plays Amy whoose events in the show are based on her mothers real life experiences. This show is the perfect drama, there is fair amount tragetys but there are countless great happy moments. If you watch this show just once you will get totally hooked on watching every episode when it re-runs on TNT.
  • An exciting and emotional show with everything you need in it. It stars Amy Brenneman who plays Amy Gray and the incompareble Tyne Daly who plays a delectable character.

    Amy Breneman and Tyne Daly have done remarkable work on this classic show. With suspense and friendliness mixed together, this show had a very promising 6 seasons. Unfortunetly CBS could simply not continue it and that is a shame because it was a show that was dear to so many. The plotline was lagging a little bit, and with Amy quitting her job at the end of the season, it seemed like a comfortable ending to Judging Amy. This show had a glowing cast like no other and ever role was played by a excellent actor. The thing you can most hope for this show to live in is a possible conclusive movie as suggested by Amy\'s Letter to Fans after the shows cancellation.
  • It was a nice show, I wish they didn't pull it off the air.

    I really enjoyed this show and I wish they did not pull it off the air. It has its moments where it can seem borning but it has its exciting moments as well.

    Judging Amy can be an interesting show. The different cases Amy encounters are interesting and each one is different. Suspense hangs in the air leading up to her verdict. Her mother Maxine who is a social worker, casses are original and surprisingly real and a good replication of what actually happens daily with social workers.

    Amy's friend Donna is the funniest person on the show. Amy's daughter Lauren, is so cute and acts just like any other kid growing up in society today.

    I think if someone where to watch the re-runs, they would like it to.
  • Miss the show dearly

    Amy Brennamann, formerally of NYPD Blue
    Stars as a former prosecutor who leaves NYC
    And goes to the small town
    Where she brings her daughter with her
    She is a single mother btw
    The invincile Tyne Daly, formerally of Cagney and Lacey
    Plays her mother, also single but widowed
    But Amy is divorced as she and her daughter
    Try to make a new start for them
    This show is on TNT btw
    Great show but underrated IMO.
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