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Judgment Day

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All Verdicts are Final! Join hosts Victor Lucas and Tommy Tallarico as they rate and review the latest games and hardware for all platforms. Each is rated on a scale from 0 to 10 and the final segment pits two similar games against each other. And if you're lucky, you might find some buried treasure along the way. Just remember, don't expect them to hold anything back, Tommy never sugarcoats any judgment. Show Notes: - Judgment Day originated on Tommy and Vic's other show The Electric Playground. This show is technically a spin-off. - Outside of the U.S. the show is refered to as Reviews on the Run and has an additional 1 minute and 30 seconds added to the episode. - Yes, Lost's Evangeline Lilly did appear as a JD girl. - The show ended in the U.S. soon after the G4 network began to rely less on video game shows.
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  • One of my favorites

    The great days of G4 before the merger are long gone. Now when watching G4, you get these irrelevant or boring shows to watch. Sadly, many people finally were able to see G4 AFTER the merger with Tech TV I believe that is what it is called. This show had personality. The hosts were funny to watch. The games reviewed were always ones that I knew or heard a lot about. I personally prefer the method of reviewing out of 10 such as Judgment Day and on TV.com rather than out of 5 such as how Youtube was and X Play. I prefer having more flexibility with scoring. Tommy T. and Victor Lucas were better hosts in my opinion than most of what I have seen on G4. All good things must come to and end though unfortunately.moreless
  • One of my favorites!

    Judgment Day was a video game review show. It probably wasn't as popular because it was compared to the ever popular X-Play. I thought this was a great show too though! I love writing reviews, reading reviews, and rating things. That's probably why I loved this show! I wish it was still on because I would watch it all the time! Well, the hosts were Victor Lucas and Tommy Tallarico. They were great hosts! They were goofy, but they got serious when it came to the gaming. This was an absolutely awesome show that I will give a 10 out of 10!moreless
  • Awesome

    Aside from X-Play, Judgement Day reviewed games and had short segments like 'buried treasures' that would list an old game and they would recommend and stuff. What i really liked about the show however was the hosts they are all experienced people that have a background in the video game industry. Now i don't see this show anymore and all i see is Attack of the Show. Whats up with G4? eh? Well aside from all that the reviews were detailed and they always gave the true fact about the game. Probably another one of my favorite aspects of this show was that they would have a detailed recap of the entire show. They would list the main positive side of the game and the main dissapointing side of the game as well.moreless
  • by far the best show on G4

    this show is the best on G4 by far. Cause u have two guys with diffrent personalities review games. U got the guy who the graphics would suck but had nice gameplay and would love this game... and then u would have the other guy where if the graphics suck then the whole game sucks...(which my sister thinks that too) i miss this show, how come it doesn't come on anymore...moreless
  • worth watching just for tommy

    man, is tommy hilarious or what? he can crack some pretty messy jokes, but it is always so great watching them fight over stuff. also, when they reviewed the d skin, was i ever cracking up. lol a condom for a disc, what a horrible thing... anyway, worth the watch!