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Judgment Day & Reviews on the Run: An Explanation

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    For those of you who don't know, Judgment Day and Reviews on the Run are essentially the same show. The reviews are the same, the hosts are the same and even the jokes (good and bad) are the same. The only differences are the font and background images for the shows, and Reviews on the Run has one minute thirty seconds of additional footage. So what is the reason for the same show with two different titles?

    Reviews on the Run is the Canadian version of the show. It is shown on many different Canadian television networks. Judgment Day is the United States version of the show which was only broadcasted on the G4 Network (The Network for Games). G4 was given the exclusive rights to broadcast Judgment Day, thus G4 owns the rights to the name Judgment Day.

    While the details of the agreement remain unknown, it is commonly assumed that show creator Victor Lucas either couldn't find another better suited network for a video game review show or found a better deal being exclusive at G4, so they went with an exclusive deal with G4. But Lucas, being intelligent in the ways of business, renamed the show for G4 so if a contract was ever in dispute, they could find another network to shop the show with the Reviews on the Run title. This move was proven to be a good one when in 2005 Judgment Day's contract ran out at G4, and was cancelled when the network went towards a new direction.

    Currently, Lucas and his production company Greedy Productions are looking for a new U.S. network to air Reviews on the Run. Reviews on the Run is still being produced and airing in Canada.
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