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  • I need a jolt for my memory

    I really don’t retain information about jumanji. I was just around the early preteen of my early days. I wish they brought back the cartoon, since I love the movie. I heard the show was great, but I can’t say that especially when I was little. My brothers watch it but I don’t hear any information on the show that it was breathtaking (well I don’t know about that) Anyway I can’t find any videos in development. I guess they didn’t get enough viewers. I only see one person that submitted an evaluation of the show. Well my only hope, I need you to tell me what was so extraordinary about Jumanji since you want to bring it back, I am not good at remembering good and breathtaking shows( here I go once more)^_~
  • Alot of cartoons nowadays are rubbish why do they always replace classics. This was a great cartoon about a board game that came to live. I'll say it again bring it back pretty please.

    90s cartoons have been a great success nowadays they aren't the same. Jumanji is one of the best 90s cartoons after a good movie. Now most movies based on cartoons are rubbish just look at Inspector gadget or Garfield Jumanji is a good movie and a good cartoon. its a real shame cartoons don't get the same care as movies do. I doubt it will be aired again. Why isn't it on dvd it had everyone from the movie along with new chacters a joker a scientist and many more chacters.
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