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Yu Ri rescues the injured Bi Ryu. Geum Wa leaves Bu Yeo Palace, turning his back on the recriminations of Dae Soh and the Queen. Ju Mong returns to Bu Yeo Palace and takes Dae Soh to task regarding the assassin. When armed Goguryeo troops deploy at the border, Bu Yeo blames everything on Han’s machinations. After forging an alliance with Bu Yeo, Ju Mong decides to launch a campaign against Liaodong. When Yu Ri returns after finding the token left by his father, Ye So Ya tells him the secret of his lineage. Geum Wa arrives at Cheon Mu Mountain, and his eyes fill with tears at the thought of Hae Mo Soo and Yu Hwa. In bewilderment, Yu Ri heads to Goguryeo to discover the answer. In front of Goguryeo Palace, Yu Ri hands the token to Mo Pal Mo, asking him to show the object to King Ju Mong. Ju Mong bursts into tearful joy at having his son restored to him, but Yu Ri remains reproachful of his father.moreless
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