Jungle Cubs

ABC (ended 1998)


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  • What's that whirling sound I hear? Why it's... yes... Rudyard Kipling rolling in his grave at what's been done to his great characters!

    By the time Jungle Cubs rolled around, I had kinda given up hope on Disney ever being able to create a decent animated show ever again. Of course, that all changed when Hercules debuted, but let's get back to Jungle Cubs. Good points: It had some nice animation earlier on before everyone got older (which I believe was in the second season), and for the most part, I liked Kaa (especially his friendship with the mongoose in one episode). Bad points: The characters were downright obnoxious a lot of the time (why does it seem like Disney is so hard-pressed to create likable characters now?), Bagheera (man, talk about taking a character who was *so* cool in the original stories and messing his personality up big time) and Shere Khan especially. Most of the episodes were pretty bland as well, bastardizing Mr. Kipling's wonderful “The Second Jungle Book” on occasion, and the animation became fugly (for lack of a better word). I don't think this show would have been as silly and continuity-destroying as it was if the creators had done things differently. I mean, for on thing, why were all the cubs friends with each other when they were young, even Shere Khan and Kaa? It would've been better if Shere Khan and Kaa were living separately from the others, not hanging out with the same people they'd try to kill in the movie (which I didn't particularly care for either, though I like Tailspin [mostly because it was set in an well-written alternate universe in which I could better tolerate the character’s vastly altered personalities from how they had been in the book]). Secondly, why do kids’ shows feel the need to beat it’s audience over the head with the big moral-of-the-day? Augh. Tailspin is far superior to this show, but the original Rudyard Kipling book is in a class of its own. I recommend reading it if you want to see how the characters really are before they were Disney-fied.