Jungle Gold

Friday 10:00 PM on Discovery Channel Premiered Oct 26, 2012 Between Seasons


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  • They need Guns

    Why don't these Idiots carry AK47's , makes no seance what so ever to go into a country that has little or no laws and not carry Guns . If it was me and someone jumped my claim I would be blasting the fuckers away with AK47's , and once some JackAss tried to put road block in my path , I would respond by firing a re rounds in the air , and tell the scamers to clear the road or die .

    If these guys aint got the balls to take care of business then maybe they should hire me to come down there with them the next time and provide me with a AK47 some grenades and dinomight and they wouldn't have a problem with anyone .

    I am serious I would go their with them and take care of anyone who became a problem

    And why the fuck would they Keep their Gold bar in the very same fucking bag the guy they bought it from seen them put it in ,

    These Guys are a pair of Dumb ass's
  • Fake show

    This is so obviously fake. So many staged scenes and really bad acting.
  • soap opera shows

    not work the time spent watching. Not really gold mining, all about a couple of used to be rich boys showing what they don"t know about mining. To feeley touch of a show for me