Jungle Junction

Sunday 12:30 PM on Disney Channel Premiered Oct 04, 2009 Between Seasons





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  • My Review On Jungle Junction

    I now hate this show as my #1 favorite show of all time next to Sid the Science Kid.
  • Ugly!

    Stupid Shitty Stupid Show! A stupid show for little Babies!
  • What have you done Disney?

    This is crap.First of all who came up with animals that are cars or van,Second of all what's with the weird names like zoother,ellyvan,bungo who came up with stupid names like that,third of all How come they talk and move around and finally the plot is stupid and silly.The characters are jerks too.Zoother's an idiout,Bungo is this boring kangeroo car,Toadhog is a @#!*% ,That zebra thing is a jerk,The beetlebugs are the worst of them all,taxi Crab and Crocker is terrible and has no scence of humour and finally the hippo is an unpredictable prick.The only character I seem to like is Ellyvan.Please dump this show and bring back Rupert Bear...Follow the magic and Angelina Ballerina or just avoid this and watch Jake and the Neverland Pirates.
  • Hoho, another failed environmental message.

    The other is Wonder Pets, that sends wildlife-environmental message. That one failed because they do it in a wrong way, they can't understand it. This? I'll explain.

    Plot: Jungle Junction is about animals with wheels around the Jungle Junction (or Jungle Jinx).They are there to roll around or protect wildlife?

    Characters: Weird, this is aimed at jungle environment.. But what? They're cars. It could have been better if they're just pedaled bikes, or just a plain animal. Plain animals w/ pedaled bikes are the most good idea that I got here.

    Value: If this show is about protecting the environment why are they cars? Even if those cars have fuel or parts that prevent smoke, they still do greenhouse gases around! ALL CARS BELCH SMOKES! If the car's smoke is clean, no, it's not. There's still smoke, it's only a little clean, and invisible, and still do effects on environment. How stupid these f**ks are. And cars leak oil too. Fail.

    Art: Ugly, I can't get those designs pretty well. Weird character designs. Animation is jinx.

    Overall: -3.5. JUNGLE JINX. Yeah the title fits very well. I wish those car-animals gets crushed by a tank.

  • Jungle Junk: Disneys exit ticket

    By looking at this show i know were preschool television is going

    Idea: Pointless Jungle animals have wheels and drive around poorly made! What next a show about housepets who ride in an RV? They just took an idea from what i call the grab bag picked two things some how merged them together and this is what we get.This CGI show is poorly animated simple,ugly and poorly animated characters. You have this blue elephant bus!

    Animation: Dumb little detail in the characters!This is playhouse disney maybe even disneys exit ticket Isee a future ruled by these type of shows!There are many examples of poorly animated preschool shows on Disney!This new one called Jungle Jucktion.Disney's new fat mouth and highly annoying shows should end with poor animation. This is just the same with Special Agent Oso.

    DISNEY end this chain of poorly animated CGI shows with poor ideas
  • For a show about the environment it sure sends mixed messages.

    A kids show about teaching the environment is decent enough, but Jungle Junction does it in such a moronic matter that it loses all of its educational value and sends mixed messages out to kids. The show is about a group of animals who try to teach kids about environmental awareness, and while it does sound decent it's ruined by the fact that the animals are actually vehicles. That's right the animals that are preaching about the environment are also part vehicles. What kind of message is being sent to kids with that logic? That cars don't cause pollution? Last time I checked cars and gas fumes contributed to destroying the environment. Did the creators even think about their animal creations before producing this show at all, or do research on cars in the first place? As for how the animals look it's done in CGI, and looks terrible. The animals look OK, but the animation for this show is choppy, and very poorly done, and lip syncs seem to be off sometimes. The morals this show has to offer are really stupid and feel forced upon the viewer in each episode, and it even has the 4th wall breaking thing again. It was good in Blue's Clues, but this show just wanted to copy Dora the Explorer. The characters are poorly developed with generic personalities making them utterly forgettable. This show is just nothing more than a waste of time, and for a show preaching about the environment it's hypocritical with the fact the animals are part cars as well. Do yourself a favor and see any other show about the environment than this. I hate to admit it, but Captain Planet does a better job teaching about saving the planet than this.
  • Good show.

    Actually, a pretty good show for preschoolers, with a few jokes and references thrown in to provide some entertainment for parents who are watching as well. The characters are good and clearly defined, without any of the yucky saccharine sweetness you get on many US shows. The scripts and varied and entertaining, illustrating a good usage of their established setting and a gradual expansion to include new areas. Songs and music are good and catchy - although I'm sure someone will complain about them trying to raise a nation of hoons. I'm not a great fan of 'fake' viewer interaction, but what little there is seems fairly innocuous.