Jungle Junction

Sunday 12:30 PM on Disney Channel Premiered Oct 04, 2009 Between Seasons





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  • Jungle Junk: Disneys exit ticket

    By looking at this show i know were preschool television is going

    Idea: Pointless Jungle animals have wheels and drive around poorly made! What next a show about housepets who ride in an RV? They just took an idea from what i call the grab bag picked two things some how merged them together and this is what we get.This CGI show is poorly animated simple,ugly and poorly animated characters. You have this blue elephant bus!

    Animation: Dumb little detail in the characters!This is playhouse disney maybe even disneys exit ticket Isee a future ruled by these type of shows!There are many examples of poorly animated preschool shows on Disney!This new one called Jungle Jucktion.Disney's new fat mouth and highly annoying shows should end with poor animation. This is just the same with Special Agent Oso.

    DISNEY end this chain of poorly animated CGI shows with poor ideas