Jungle Junction

Sunday 12:30 PM on Disney Channel Premiered Oct 04, 2009 Between Seasons





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  • For a show about the environment it sure sends mixed messages.

    A kids show about teaching the environment is decent enough, but Jungle Junction does it in such a moronic matter that it loses all of its educational value and sends mixed messages out to kids. The show is about a group of animals who try to teach kids about environmental awareness, and while it does sound decent it's ruined by the fact that the animals are actually vehicles. That's right the animals that are preaching about the environment are also part vehicles. What kind of message is being sent to kids with that logic? That cars don't cause pollution? Last time I checked cars and gas fumes contributed to destroying the environment. Did the creators even think about their animal creations before producing this show at all, or do research on cars in the first place? As for how the animals look it's done in CGI, and looks terrible. The animals look OK, but the animation for this show is choppy, and very poorly done, and lip syncs seem to be off sometimes. The morals this show has to offer are really stupid and feel forced upon the viewer in each episode, and it even has the 4th wall breaking thing again. It was good in Blue's Clues, but this show just wanted to copy Dora the Explorer. The characters are poorly developed with generic personalities making them utterly forgettable. This show is just nothing more than a waste of time, and for a show preaching about the environment it's hypocritical with the fact the animals are part cars as well. Do yourself a favor and see any other show about the environment than this. I hate to admit it, but Captain Planet does a better job teaching about saving the planet than this.