Jungle Junction

Sunday 12:30 PM on Disney Channel Premiered Oct 04, 2009 Between Seasons





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  • Hoho, another failed environmental message.

    The other is Wonder Pets, that sends wildlife-environmental message. That one failed because they do it in a wrong way, they can't understand it. This? I'll explain.

    Plot: Jungle Junction is about animals with wheels around the Jungle Junction (or Jungle Jinx).They are there to roll around or protect wildlife?

    Characters: Weird, this is aimed at jungle environment.. But what? They're cars. It could have been better if they're just pedaled bikes, or just a plain animal. Plain animals w/ pedaled bikes are the most good idea that I got here.

    Value: If this show is about protecting the environment why are they cars? Even if those cars have fuel or parts that prevent smoke, they still do greenhouse gases around! ALL CARS BELCH SMOKES! If the car's smoke is clean, no, it's not. There's still smoke, it's only a little clean, and invisible, and still do effects on environment. How stupid these f**ks are. And cars leak oil too. Fail.

    Art: Ugly, I can't get those designs pretty well. Weird character designs. Animation is jinx.

    Overall: -3.5. JUNGLE JINX. Yeah the title fits very well. I wish those car-animals gets crushed by a tank.

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