Jungle Junction - Season 1

Sunday 12:30 PM on Disney Channel Premiered Oct 04, 2009 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • The Night Before Zipsmas: Miss Jolly shares a classic holiday story, and the Wheelers go in search of Ellysanta. A Gift for Zooter: Ellyvan looks for a perfect gift for Zooter.
  • Bungo's Big Bounce: Bungo invents a new smoothie that has a strange side effect - no one can stop bouncing! Zooter's Tire Troubles: Zooter injures one of her wheels, and the cast she has to wear to heal seriously cuts into her "zip."
  • Toadhog Goes Fishing: When Toadhog pitches in to help with Taxicrab's chores so they can go fishing, he ends up making a huge mess. Ellyvan's Whiffy Delivery: Ellyvan forgets to deliver a parcel to Toadhog and the parcel starts to whiff.
  • 2/14/11
    Hiccup Power: Zooter creates an alternative source after the waterwheel breaks down. Fifi Frenzy: Zooter and Ellyvan chase Fifi flies for Toadhog after they accidentally let his batch escape.
  • 10/25/10
    Follow That...Thing!: Crocker's friends help him guard a special flower seed. The Spooky Road: The gang fears there are monsters in the jungle after they hear spooky noises.
  • 5/3/10
    Wheeler Ball: Zooter, Ellyvan and Lance invent a new game called wheeler ball. The Great Garden Caper: Fruits and vegetables go missing from Crocker's garden, and he enlists help from Bobby and Zooter to solve the mystery.
  • 4/19/10
    Dozer Digs: Dozer uses his digging skills to save the day during a rainstorm. Taxicrab's Whistle: Taxicrab annoys everyone by constantly blowing his new whistle.
  • 3/22/10

    Muddy Zooter: Zooter is obsessed with playing in mud puddles, but she soon learns the importance of taking a bath after her muddy adventures make a mess for everyone else.

    Stargazing: Zooter and Ellyvan search for a shooting star when they find one on the jungle floor. They try to return it to the sky only to discover that it was just a star-shaped fruit.

  • 2/8/10
    A Bubbly Emergency: After many rescue practices, Ellyvan and Zooter go to the bubbly bog where Toadhog gets stuck in a floating bubble. It pops and Toadhog falls in a tree. Crocker gets Ellyvan and Zooter to rescue him. Funny Fruit: Zooter tries a new fruit Miss Jolly brings.
  • 1/18/10
    Bungo the Magnificent: Bungo tells Zooter a story about his past as a magician. Thingums: Carla finds a box of socks in a storage room and displays them in her shop.
  • 11/30/09

    The Missing Glasses: Miss Jolly loses her glasses, and the Beetlebugs and wheelers help her search for them.

    Dozer's Daisy: Dozer tries to save a rare daisy that's growing in a pothole he's supposed to fill in for a parade, but Bungo wouldn't let him explain.

  • 11/2/09
    Rainy Daze: The wheelers gather to collect rain water from the storm when the cloud stops moving. Zooter tries to get the cloud to move over the jungle. King Ellyvan: Ellyvan finds a crown and becomes king for a day. When he gets stuck in a hole, the wheelers help him out.moreless
  • Stuck!; Coconuts!
    Episode 10

    Stuck!: Ellyvan takes a shortcut to make an important delivery and gets stuck in a hole after ignoring an important sign Bungo puts up.

    Coconuts!: Zooter throws a surprise coconut feast, but Toadhog gets irritable for getting hit by falling coconuts. Zooter has to find good reasons why Toadhog and Dozer mustn't cut down all the coconut palm trees.

  • 10/19/09
    Smile, Toadhog!: Zooter, Ellyvan and Bungo try to get grumpy Toadhog to smile. He goes on a trip to find the Beattlebugs, and he actually enjoys it, especially when he sees the Beattlebugs topped on top of each other. Zooter's Surprise: A surprise birthday party is planned for Zooter, but Ellyvan has obstacles to get through in order to get it planned.moreless
  • 10/15/09

    The Star Juggler: Taxicrab discovers he can juggle and. He then neglects his job at the juice bar as he shows off his talent to the other wheelers. Will they find a way for Taxicrab to juggle and continue working at the juice bar at the same time?

    Bungo's Box: Bungo gets stuck inside a shed that he and Dozer are building when they forget to make a door. Will Bungo find a way to tell the other wheelers that he needs to be let out?

  • 10/13/09
    Sap Trap: Bungo puts up a sign to warn the wheelers of the tree sap on the road. Ellyvan almost gets stuck in the sap as he goes by delivering packages. Bungo gets himself stuck in sap that drops near where he is standing and Zooter tries helping him out, but she gets stuck in the sap herself. Bobby gets stuck in the puddle of sap as well. The sap would soon get hard if the sun heats it. Pretty soon, more wheelers get stuck too. How will they get out of the sap now?

    River Race: The wheelers hold a boat contest, and many of them compete in it. Miss Jolly tells the competitors they mustn't touch the boat or be in it. When Miss Jolly sees the green Beatlebug in his boat, the wheelers try to get him out before the boats reach the waterfall.moreless
  • 10/12/09
    A Mystery for Bobby: Bungo puts up a "No Off-Roading" sign after a big rainstorm. The sign is to keep others from driving off the road. Bobby sees that someone went through a part of the jungle and destroyed it. He calls the others to help him figure out who made those muddy wheel tracks. Signs of Trouble: After Toadhog's complaints about the signs, Bungo decides to quit painting signs. Bungo plans on becoming an artist an plans a show to display his paintings. But jungle creatures start to get lost after Bungo removes all the signs in the jungle.moreless
  • The Big Race Around: Bungo is putting up signs to warn the wheelers of the rocks in the road. Zooter, Bobby and Dozer cannot decide which is the best way to get through the rocks; wheels, tracks, or wings. They settle things by having a race through the jungle. Zooter Loses Her Zip: The wheelers are chasing fireflies, and they soon get tired and go to sleep. Zooter, however, refuses to go to bed and continues chasing the fireflies. In the morning, Ellyvan discovers that Zooter is sleepy from staying up too late and she's lost her zip. Bungo and his friends help Zooter find out why she is so tired.moreless
  • 10/9/09
    A Beautiful Stink: Crocker starts a new compost recycle system in Jungle Junction. The smell of the garbage begins to worsen while Crocker goes off to collect more. Crocker takes the compost to Carla's garden where he explains to the animals about compost in a garden. Prickly Pal: Taxicrab has nobody to dance with, so he brings a cactus he names Prickly to the jungle from the desert. The animals hold a dance show, but Taxicrab's cactus begins to wilt. Taxicrab soon learns that he brought his cactus in a climate where it shouldn't belong.moreless
  • Nothing to Sneeze At: Zooter and Ellyvan get pollin on their noses while Crocker waters the flowers. Ellyvan gets hay fever when the flowers start blooming. Because of his powerful sneezes, Ellyvan decides to leave Jungle Junction. Will he find a way to stop his sneezes?

    Firestation Hero: Zooter and Ellyvan help Crocker with his firefighting duties when they discover that the Beattlebugs are in danger. When Crocker and Ellyvan couldn't reach them, Zooter comes up with a way to save them. She and Ellyvan receive a medal for rescuing them.moreless
  • 10/6/09
    Bungo to the Rescue: Bungo wants a medal just like Bobby, so he transforms into a superhero called "El Kabungo" to get one. Pinky Picnic: the Wheelers have a picnic in the jungle, but they must first attempt to supply water for the pinky flowers during a drought.
  • The Treasure of Jungle Junction: Zooter, Bungo and Ellyvan find a box with a treasure map in it near the pink mud pond. The jungle gang follows the map in search of a treasure chest. But as soon as they find it (a gold stretchy rock), they have problems sharing. Shrinky: Zooter and Ellyvan are playing ball when it gets stuck in a shrinky bush. Ellyvan touches the bush and begins to shrink. The animals look for the ingredients for shrinky cream to stop Ellyvan from getting any smaller.moreless