Jungle wa Itsumo Hare Notchi Guu

TV Tokyo Premiered Apr 03, 2001 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Illusion 13: Gunpowder smoke has the fragrance of rouge lipstick (part one) - Illusion 14: Gunpowder smoke has the... (part two)
      Illusion 13: An assassin has been sent to kill Weda. Robert comes to protect Weda and be her guard. The reason why Weda is targeted? It is because of Weda's father's will, which states that if Weda is removed, she would inherit a whole fortune. The whole killing is behind her older brother and older sister, who simply want the wealth. They decided to send a killer to kill Weda. Robert and Weda rush off to find this murderer and kill this sniper. This killer soon reveals herself... Illusion 14: This lady soon reveals herself to be Dama! Everyone seems really clam about this except for Hare. Robert then refers to Dama's bed partner, as the criminal that trains women to use as his personal pawns. This explains why Dama tried to kill Weda. Because she was influenced! Robert also explains to Dama that this thief is also the kind of person to throw away these women and look for a new one. Robert tells Dama that this is the truth and a flashback occurs. Dama is seen walking home from buying groceries. Dama bumps into a complete stranger and then falls into love with him. Dama becomes obsessed with him and eventually stays in bed with him. She has a more happier side with her husband but a more unstable side with her bed partner. Dama senses that Robert could be the same as that person. Dama deceived her husband and in return, was deceived. Dama heads to this criminal's place and decides...moreless
    • Illusion 11: I Will Love No More! - Illusion 12: My Father
      ILLUSION 11: Yumi and Yamada have a conversation about men, when Yumi explains that Hare doesn't notice his love enough. Yumi tries harder by showing up one morning in Hare's house, making a meal for him. Hare is worried that the doctor might do something to her. Hare then tells Yumi that she is bothersome, so Yumi tries to get advice from Weda and Clive. Yumi already knows that Hare doesn't show much love interest in her but only wishes she and Hare could go on one, last date. Hare accepts and the two go to the city for their date. Will Hare and Yumi be able to have a good time? Secondly, will Hare be able to make Yumi feel better again? ILLUSION 12: Weda leaves to have Ame have his checkup, so Hare must keep the house in order while they are gone. Hare soon finds his father smoking and looking through "magazines". Guu suggests that Clive and Hare get along if they want Ame to be healthy in the future. Clive tells Hare of his past and how terrible she was. Clive soon starts thinking Ame's future and decides to teach Ame from the mistakes he made in his past. Guu gives Hare and Clive some surveys where Hare and Clive could spend more time together. First off is games but shortly ends when the two start arguing. Will the two get along and set a peaceful environment for the infant?moreless
    • Illusion 9: RPG Test Version - Illusion 10: RPG Pirate Version
      ILLUSION 9: Weda leaves Hare to look after Ame. Hare sees that Guu is probably sleeping due to a late night of video games. Suddenly, a hand pops out of Guu's mouth and takes Ame. Guu tries to bring Ame out but unfortunately, somebody else has him. The only way to bring the infant out is to... engage in a Role-playing quest!? Can Hare conquer this journey and save Ami? ILLUSION 10: Hare soon finds out that the journey really is like an RPG. Hare, Seiichi, Tomoyo, and Yamada eventually run into an incredible monster. Hare soon feels the pains of being in an RPG game. Eventually, a bug happens and Hare ends up in a Japanese dating simulator, a racing game, a fighting game, and eventually back in the RPG game again. Hare eventually saves Ame and the credits roll.moreless
    • Illusion 7: Revelation of the Chest Hair - Illusion 8: Drip drip Lavenna
      ILLUSION 7:

      Toposte wants to talk with Hare and Guu about something important. It's not Chourou but instead... Toposte's chest. Toposte shows Hare and Guu his single chest hair. Toposte than appears to have grown more chest hair than the last day. Hare finds Chourou...but in a big, lump of chest hair. Guu brings Hare in Chourou's picture album and ends up being turned into a Pokute. Will Hare and Guu ever find out why Chourou suddenly grew chest hair in his teens?

      ILLUSION 8:

      In this second half of the episode, we see what Lavenna's mornings are always special. Lavenna must go to the store to buy laundry detergent. Lavenna than encounters Seiichi, Tomoyo, and Yamada, who've seemed to have ran away from Guu. Lavenna soon spots Chet and Adi having a good time. She eventually spots Dama and the bank robber having a picnic. Lavenna eventually gets the detergent, but soon finds a saddened, crying Waji and a group of marching bears. Shortly, it rains and Lavenna finds a huge Pokute.moreless
    • Illusion 5: Friends - Illusion 6: The Drunkard Who Came Back
      ILLUSION 5:

      Hare is glad that the bullies left him alone, but is still worried about yesterday. Hare is glad, though, that Weda can't interfere with him at school. That is... until a new teacher arrives. Who is this crazy teacher with a ridiculous hairdo? And who is this "Amanda"? Eventually, Weda holds a Farewell Party for Hare, but Hare is not impressed. It seems Hare must go back to the jungle now. Rita has something to say to Hare before he leaves, though...

      ILLUSION 6:

      Weda, Hare, Guu, and Ame return to the jungle but already, Weda is hot. On the first day of returning, Hare already seems to make Mari sad, due to Mari suspecting Hare has already found a woman. Hare tells Mari that he and Rita are just friends, nothing more. Mari forgives him and party continues again. Guu performs magic tricks to settle everyone down. Hare wants to go back to the city soon afterwards.moreless
    • Illusion 3: School Heaven - Illusion 4: School Hell
      ILLUSION 3:

      After worrying what to wear on his first day of school, Hare decides to wear whatever. Hare and Guu go to school to find Robert in the classroom. Robert tells them that he as concealed himself as a student in order to protect Hare and Guu. As all seems lost, Hare ends up sitting next to the cute girl from the last episode, who's name is Rita. Guu already causes trouble, though, on the first day. Rita reveals to Hare the truth about her...

      ILLUSION 4:

      Robert, still very overprotective, tries to protect Hare and Guu. Hare soon runs into trouble, though. Whilst in the garden, three older kids encounter him, who are bullies. Robert appears to help Hare stop the bullies. Unfortunately, Robert wants to kill the leader. Hare tells to Robert to stop trying to bring harm to those who want to bring harm to him. Rita eventually reveals a more dramatic truth...moreless
    • Illusion 1: Greetings - Illusion 2: Rita
      ILLUSION 1:

      After coming through the jungle, Robert gives Weda video letter of Bel requesting Weda to come back to the city. Weda does a video letter and soon everybody wants to do one. Weda than receives a reply from Bel and is worried that Asio and her mother are depressed without Weda. Eventually, Weda decides to take Hare, Guu, and Ame to the city again.

      ILLUSION 2:

      Hare is glad that they went back to the city again but is worried because they weren't able to see goodbye to the villagers. Hare's grandmother is worried that Hare might be feeling uncomfortable in the city. Hare is already scared due to Robert's actions and is now lonely due to the lack of friends. Weda decides to take Hare to school. Hare is not happy...until he meets a cute girl named Rita.moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 1