Jungle wa Itsumo Hare Notchi Guu

TV Tokyo Premiered Apr 03, 2001 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

    • Illusion 1: Start - Start
      Illusion 1: Start - Start
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      When Hare's mother, Weda, comes home from a hunt, she brings home a cute, innocent looking girl named Guu. Hare is told that Guu is going to live with them, because she has no parents. But when Hare wakes up to have breakfast, Guu seems completely different.
    • Illusion 13: Big Box
      Illusion 13: Big Box
      Season 1 - Episode 13
      After going off to school one morning, Hare meets a scary-eyed person named Asio and a tall woman named Bel. He is very weirded out by their odd tendencies. The two want to surprise an old friend of theirs. Hare suggests using a box to help them surprise this friend. These two people reveal themselves as the servants that took care of Weda when she was younger. Bel and Asio took a vacation stay to take care of Weda again.moreless
    • Illusion 15: The Pokute Legend
      Illusion 15: The Pokute Legend
      Season 1 - Episode 15
      After waking up from the same dream again, Weda wonders who the mystery man in her dream was. At school, Reiji gives the class homework, which is to do to free research. Hare decides that he should do legends, and asks many of the people around, including Asio and Bel. Chourou tells Hare and Guu the Pokute legend, which states that the Pokute are holy creatures. Chourou also tells Hare that Rebecca was raised by the Pokute. Weda soon realizes that the person in her dream was Asio.moreless
    • Illusion 16: Sleeping Together!
      Illusion 16: Sleeping Together!
      Season 1 - Episode 16
      After giving Dr. Clive his lunch, Mari thinks that Asio and Weda are in love with each other and that Dr. Clive needs to do something about it. Dr. Clive doesn't really care but Mari thinks that something is missing. Mari also decides to role-play, with Weda being the Mother and Dr. Clive being the Father. This makes Mari very happy and helps her to feel like a part of the family.moreless
    • Illusion 17: Wendy, 17 Years Old!
      Illusion 17: Wendy, 17 Years Old!
      Season 1 - Episode 17
      It seems that because of Asio and Bel moving in and doing all of the housework, Weda has had more time to drink alcohol. After Mari and the girls go to get a health check, Hare and the guys go to the doctor's room, only to find a woman in doctor's clothing. Hare eventually notices that this is the same woman that killed the bear. Hare soon realizes that the older woman was Guu, and eventually, two "transfer students" (Weda and Asio) show up for a health check. What does Dr. Clive plan to do with Weda? Hare is worried and must find out.moreless
    • Illusion 18: Love Love Ojii-san Deluxe!
      After spending another night with Weda, Asio and Bel send Dr. Clive to his room. Hoping to relax and not worry about Dama, things get worse as she finds Dr. Clive and attacks him. Hare tries to find a way for Dr. Clive to avoid Dama. Will Dr. Clive ever be able to escape the clutches of Dama?moreless
    • Illusion 19: Shalanla!
      Illusion 19: Shalanla!
      Season 1 - Episode 19
      After being bothered by Mari's, Bel's, and Weda's actions, Hare becomes tired and wishs for them to not be so weird. Guu gives Hare a Chinchikurin stick, which with just one flick, can change the attitude of a person. Guu has fun with this and changes the attitudes of most of the denizens! Eventually, the students of the school suspect something of Chourou. Can Chourou prove himself innocent?moreless
    • Illusion 22: Roba-san
      Illusion 22: Roba-san
      Season 1 - Episode 22
      Bel and Asio go off to deliver the luggage to Weda's new home. Bel tells Weda, Hare, and Guu that someone will pick them up. This "someone" is a man named Robert, who was told to bring Weda home safely. Hare, shortly, finds Robert to be a very paranoid man, but very protective, too. Robert tells Hare that the city is a "concrete jungle" and that it is full of dangers. Eventually, Robert lets Hare train. Can Hare take the pressure of Robert & Guu?moreless
    • Illusion 3: Wait a second, Mari-tan - Illusion 4: The Second Round
      ILLUSION 3:

      Mari is worried that Hare might turn out like Dr. Clive and thinks that Hare is more attracted to older women. Mari, then, decides to ask for advice from the boys in the village. Wiggle suggests that Mari change her image. She eventually goes for advice from Adi and Chet. Guu changes Mari into an older woman. Mari eventually returns to normal and makes a promise with Hare.

      ILLUSION 4:

      The wedding is set and Dr. Clive and Weda are about to marry when Bel interupts and wants Weda not to marry Clive. Guu decides to have a 2nd round of the Weda Challenge. This time, the contestants are Clive, Bel, Asio, Hare, Wiggle, and Robert. Who will end up with Weda this time?moreless
    • Illusion 12: Festival Don Don
      Illusion 12: Festival Don Don
      Season 1 - Episode 12
      In this episode, most of the residents, including Hare and Guu, go to a festival. It is almost Mari's birthday. Unfortunately, Mari has been abducted by the Boa Team, a mysterious group who won't return her unless they receive the morphing bananas. Eventually, Reiji, Gupta, Waji, Lavenna, and Toposte transform into the Angel Rangers. This was all just a play. Mari, Wiggle, Dr. Clive, and Hare also have a contest to see who gets Weda. Who will win Weda for a year?moreless
    • Illusion 11: Beachpic!
      Illusion 11: Beachpic!
      Season 1 - Episode 11
      On a hot day, Weda and Hare are suffering from the heat. Guu suggests they go to the beach to cool off. Whilst at the beach, Hare takes a nap with his mother in a raft. Eventually, the raft floats off and they lose sight of land. Will Hare and Weda ever be able to get to land safely?moreless
    • Illusion 4: Good Morning Kiss
      Illusion 4: Good Morning Kiss
      Season 1 - Episode 4
      Throughout the school day, Guu seems to be annoyed by Waji's habit of laughing. Eventually, Waji explains to Guu that laughing makes all your worries "fly away". One of Weda's friends, Adie, also appears and exclaims that she and her boyfriend, Chet, are breaking up. Shortly afterwards, Chet and Adie get back together (again). Mari also suspects that Hare and Guu are in love. Guu also surprises everyone at school with her "greeting kiss"!moreless
    • Illusion 5: The Doctor
      Illusion 5: The Doctor
      Season 1 - Episode 5
      After feeling ill, Hare goes to the doctor's room in the school. There are many rumors surrounding the new doctor. Some that even scare Hare. Shortly, Hare realizes that the most of the rumors about Dr. Clive were true; he is mean to males. Soon afterwards, Hare wonders who his father is and soon finds out it is Dr. Clive! Is Dr. Clive, really, Hare's biological father?moreless
    • Illusion 2: Afternoon Nap Guu Guu
      Illusion 2: Afternoon Nap Guu Guu
      Season 1 - Episode 2
      It's Guu's first day of school and Hare is worried about Guu's first impressions to the class. Will she introduce herself like she has done before with Hare and Weda as the cute, innocent kind of Guu? Or will she show herself to the class as the way she is later displayed, being the completely different, unemotional, boring-face kind of Guu?moreless
    • Illusion 7: Confusion Jungle
      Illusion 7: Confusion Jungle
      Season 1 - Episode 7
      It's Hare's birthday! It seems everyone in the jungle has remembered except Hare. Everybody has given Hare presents except Guu. The next morning, Hare wakes up...but in the body of Dr. Clive! This was Guu's present! To have Dr. Clive and Hare switch places! The next day, Hare wakes up in his normal body. Just when he's about to care about his father, he realizes that his father was just as perverted as his normal self!moreless
    • Illusion 8: Angry Yamada
      Illusion 8: Angry Yamada
      Season 1 - Episode 8
      While Hare and Guu are out fishing, Guu swallows and spits out several things, including a woman who tried to commit suicide! Hare doesn't know what to do, so Guu swallows her again. During a fight between Guu and Gupta, Gupta throws Hare at her. Hare is somehow swallowed by Guu and sees Tomoya and Seiichi. They explain to him that the woman that was swallowed by Guu earlier is very violent. They want Hare to talk to her and to calm her because he is a child. Hare fails and the woman becomes even more excited than ever. The 22-year-old woman, named Yamada Hiroko, exclaims that she doesn't want to live in this world anymore. Eventually, Hare tells her that there is hope and she's still young.moreless
    • Illusion 9: A Big Black Hard Shining Stinking Strange Voiced Monster!
      After Weda goes missing one night during hunting, the denizens of the jungle suspect it was a big, black, hard, shining, stinking, strange-voiced monster who did something to Weda. Later on, Hare and Guu find out it was a bear that attacked Weda! Hare tries to attack the bear, but gets easily hurt in the process. Can Guu defeat the bear and save Hare's mother?moreless
    • Illusion 3: Go With Chest Hair!
      Illusion 3: Go With Chest Hair!
      Season 1 - Episode 3
      The town owner, Chourou, comes to Hare's school to help with cooking class, But when Guu seems to like the chest hair. She takes Chourou's chest hair, and it grows back the next day. But then she takes the regrown hair, and it stops growing completely. Will Chourou ever get his chest hair back?moreless
    • Illusion 1: New Character - Illusion 2: Marriage is also Deluxe
      ILLUSION 1:

      After returning to the jungle, Hare and Guu go to school to find out that they have a substitute teacher. Hare soon finds out that this teacher is not all what's she cracked up to be. She becomes angry at the slightest disruption, and soon after apologizes, thus showing her bipolar nature. Soon afterwards, the substitute teacher, Yumi, tries to confess her love to Reiji, but fails. Yumi, then, decides to go out with Hare. Shortly, she decides to win over Dr. Clive, but fails. Finally, Yumi tries to go out with Weda but fails. Hare gives Yumi some comforting advice and things are back to normal... or are they?

      ILLUSION 2:

      One morning, Hare and Guu find out that something is wrong with Weda. Hare and Guu go to see Dr. Clive to find out why Weda's been more lazier than usual. They soon find out that Weda is pregnant. Dr. Clive tries to get Weda's permission if he could marry her and shortly, does.moreless
    • Illusion 5: A Black, Hard, Shiny, Small, Wet, Place Liking... Yet... Surprisingly Fast Species. - Illusion 6: Sukisuki Ojiisan:
      ILLUSION 5:

      While playing his games, Hare is disturbed at the thought of them being in his house. Guu interupts and introduces Hare to a quiet and dark couple. Hare is even more disturbed at the conversation between him and the depressed couple. The couple survives Hare's house and moves to Gupta's room...

      ILLUSION 6:

      Victims of white hair are being chased and attacked by a mysterious, dark figure. Dama has also been missing from the jungle for a long time. A game is held to see who would make Dama appear. Wiggle loses and must put on a white wig. As soon as he puts it on, Dama appears and viciously chases and attacks him. Wiggle throws the wig over to Gupta and Gupta throws it on to Lavenna. The wig eventually lands on Hare's head and Hare is chased. Will Hare be able to calm Dama down or will he die?moreless
    • Illusion 11: Doggie and Bunny: Prologue - Illusion 12: Doggie and Bunny: Epilogue
      ILLUSION 11:

      While walking back home, Hare and Guu find a man in a straw hat. Hare and the stranger soon have a conversation over video games and than... Pachimon. Hare, shortly, feels that maybe he and this mysterious person will get along. This stranger, then reveals himself to be the criminal that tried to rob a bank. He wants revenge on Hare's mother, so he decides to take Hare as a hostage again. Weda arrives and soon remembers this bank thief. The criminal then explains to Weda that to complete the game that's inside of him, he must get rid of Weda. In exchange for Hare and Guu's life, Weda must die. Weda solves this and finally ends this all by falling off a cliff. As all seems to be lost, Dama appears and saves Weda. Dama and the villan then have a fight. Who will win?

      ILLUSION 12:

      It seems Dama was just getting started. A flashback shows that even then, Dama was still strong as she fought and defeated many bears in a quick movement. Guu has a flashback of how she met Dama. It was raining when Guu found Dama by a tree getting soaked with rain. Guu tells Dama that she should just laugh her troubles away and that Dama could become strong instead of just sitting around. Dama eventually defeats the thief. The thief leaves and follows Dama and eventually gets married to Dama.moreless
    • Illusion 1: Greetings - Illusion 2: Rita
      ILLUSION 1:

      After coming through the jungle, Robert gives Weda video letter of Bel requesting Weda to come back to the city. Weda does a video letter and soon everybody wants to do one. Weda than receives a reply from Bel and is worried that Asio and her mother are depressed without Weda. Eventually, Weda decides to take Hare, Guu, and Ame to the city again.

      ILLUSION 2:

      Hare is glad that they went back to the city again but is worried because they weren't able to see goodbye to the villagers. Hare's grandmother is worried that Hare might be feeling uncomfortable in the city. Hare is already scared due to Robert's actions and is now lonely due to the lack of friends. Weda decides to take Hare to school. Hare is not happy...until he meets a cute girl named Rita.moreless
    • Illusion 5: Friends - Illusion 6: The Drunkard Who Came Back
      ILLUSION 5:

      Hare is glad that the bullies left him alone, but is still worried about yesterday. Hare is glad, though, that Weda can't interfere with him at school. That is... until a new teacher arrives. Who is this crazy teacher with a ridiculous hairdo? And who is this "Amanda"? Eventually, Weda holds a Farewell Party for Hare, but Hare is not impressed. It seems Hare must go back to the jungle now. Rita has something to say to Hare before he leaves, though...

      ILLUSION 6:

      Weda, Hare, Guu, and Ame return to the jungle but already, Weda is hot. On the first day of returning, Hare already seems to make Mari sad, due to Mari suspecting Hare has already found a woman. Hare tells Mari that he and Rita are just friends, nothing more. Mari forgives him and party continues again. Guu performs magic tricks to settle everyone down. Hare wants to go back to the city soon afterwards.moreless
    • Illusion 7: Revelation of the Chest Hair - Illusion 8: Drip drip Lavenna
      ILLUSION 7:

      Toposte wants to talk with Hare and Guu about something important. It's not Chourou but instead... Toposte's chest. Toposte shows Hare and Guu his single chest hair. Toposte than appears to have grown more chest hair than the last day. Hare finds Chourou...but in a big, lump of chest hair. Guu brings Hare in Chourou's picture album and ends up being turned into a Pokute. Will Hare and Guu ever find out why Chourou suddenly grew chest hair in his teens?

      ILLUSION 8:

      In this second half of the episode, we see what Lavenna's mornings are always special. Lavenna must go to the store to buy laundry detergent. Lavenna than encounters Seiichi, Tomoyo, and Yamada, who've seemed to have ran away from Guu. Lavenna soon spots Chet and Adi having a good time. She eventually spots Dama and the bank robber having a picnic. Lavenna eventually gets the detergent, but soon finds a saddened, crying Waji and a group of marching bears. Shortly, it rains and Lavenna finds a huge Pokute.moreless
    • Illusion 3: School Heaven - Illusion 4: School Hell
      ILLUSION 3:

      After worrying what to wear on his first day of school, Hare decides to wear whatever. Hare and Guu go to school to find Robert in the classroom. Robert tells them that he as concealed himself as a student in order to protect Hare and Guu. As all seems lost, Hare ends up sitting next to the cute girl from the last episode, who's name is Rita. Guu already causes trouble, though, on the first day. Rita reveals to Hare the truth about her...

      ILLUSION 4:

      Robert, still very overprotective, tries to protect Hare and Guu. Hare soon runs into trouble, though. Whilst in the garden, three older kids encounter him, who are bullies. Robert appears to help Hare stop the bullies. Unfortunately, Robert wants to kill the leader. Hare tells to Robert to stop trying to bring harm to those who want to bring harm to him. Rita eventually reveals a more dramatic truth...moreless
    • Extra Episode
      This episode is basically just a summary of the first season. The animation style is very different.
    • Illusion 26: Ending! Ending!
      Illusion 26: Ending! Ending!
      Season 1 - Episode 26
      After trying to ask why Weda came to the city, Hare wonders how the jungle is doing and is anxious. Guu tells Hare that he could use a giant robot to see how the residents are doing. So, Guu becomes the robot and allows Hare to use her. Weda, finally, decides to leave the city and head back to the jungle. Hare doesn't want to go, especially since he's just met his grandmother! Can Hare stop his mother from taking them back to the jungle?moreless
    • Illusion 20: Macchiro
      Illusion 20: Macchiro
      Season 1 - Episode 20
      After looking and reading in a book about the Alps, Mari wishes it could snow in the jungle. Hare does not believe this will happen, but eventually, it does snow! After having a bit of too much fun, Hare and the class are forced to stay inside the school due to a heavy snowstorm. Things get worse from there as the lights go out and everybody goes insane. Can Hare find help and save the class?moreless
    • Illusion 21: Japanese Food and European Food
      Right after the snow melts, Hare becomes interested in what the city is like. Weda, than, decides that they're going to the city. Bel and Asio get things packed up, while Hare, Weda, and Guu go to say goodbye to villagers. Hare thinks that it will just be a visit to the city and they'll be back, but Weda tells Hare that they're leaving the jungle for good! The plane leaves and Guu is left with the luggage in the back of the plane. Hare is extremely worried, especially since the flight time is twelve hours! Will Hare and the plane make it to the airport safely?moreless
    • Illusion 23: Pachimon
      Illusion 23: Pachimon
      Season 1 - Episode 23
      In this episode, we find out that in his story, Robert was saved from Bel after being beaten during his high school years, and since than, has always admired Bel. He was also hoping he can do the same for Weda. Unfortunately, she is the exact opposite of what he expected. Hare tries to show Robert Weda's good qualities. Eventually, Hare and Guu are hostages for a bank robbery. Can Weda and Robert save them and stop the robbery?moreless
    • Illusion 24: A Holiday
      Illusion 24: A Holiday
      Season 1 - Episode 24
      After getting a letter from Hare, Mari begins to fuss over Hare enjoying life in the city. Dr. Clive leaves for a lecture at a university, but eventually meets up with Weda, who Hare is still unsure of. So, Hare, Guu, and Robert. Hare, Guu, and Robert try a number crazy plans when trying to stop Dr. Clive and Weda. Will Hare be able to stop the relationship between the two?moreless
    • Illusion 25: Fear! Humanitarian Onigokko
      Although it's only been a few days in the city, Hare is feeling bored. Guu suggests that they play "Onigokko", a game similar to Hide and Seek, where the Oni is "it". Unfortunately, Guu is it. Hare becomes terrified when Guu starts to eat almost everybody in the mansion. Hare, eventually, finds Tomoya, Seichii, and Yamada. Hare also meets another person who just might be his grandmother!moreless
    • Illusion 9: RPG Test Version - Illusion 10: RPG Pirate Version
      ILLUSION 9: Weda leaves Hare to look after Ame. Hare sees that Guu is probably sleeping due to a late night of video games. Suddenly, a hand pops out of Guu's mouth and takes Ame. Guu tries to bring Ame out but unfortunately, somebody else has him. The only way to bring the infant out is to... engage in a Role-playing quest!? Can Hare conquer this journey and save Ami? ILLUSION 10: Hare soon finds out that the journey really is like an RPG. Hare, Seiichi, Tomoyo, and Yamada eventually run into an incredible monster. Hare soon feels the pains of being in an RPG game. Eventually, a bug happens and Hare ends up in a Japanese dating simulator, a racing game, a fighting game, and eventually back in the RPG game again. Hare eventually saves Ame and the credits roll.moreless
    • Illusion 14: Boo!
      Illusion 14: Boo!
      Season 1 - Episode 14
      Since the two servents are staying with Hare, they have many stories of Weda's childhood to share, especially Bel. Weda doesn't want to tell Bel who Hare's real dad is yet. Asio tells Hare that Weda was disowned by her father because she was pregnant at her young age and she didn't tell anybody who Hare's father was.moreless
    • Illusion 6: Viva Non Non
      Illusion 6: Viva Non Non
      Season 1 - Episode 6
      After Guu tells Hare that wearing your clothes while taking a bath is a pastime, Hare thinks she is weird and is just lying. But in order to find out if it's true, Hare asks a few of denizens of the jungle about the subject, including Dr. Clive. Dr. Clive tells that Hare that he should "see with his own eyes". Eventually, the school go to a Jungle Bath area. This gives Hare the opportunity to see if Guu is actually right or wrong.moreless
    • Illusion 10: Love Love Ojii-San!
      Illusion 10: Love Love Ojii-San!
      Season 1 - Episode 10
      After coming to school one day, everyone (except Gupta, of course) notices Gupta's hair, which is longer than usual. Once Hare tells him, he flips and says he can't get it cut because of his fear of the creepy, old hairdresser. Eventually, he DOES have his hair cut by the hairdresser. The old hairdresser also tells of all the spirits watching over the class except for Guu. When Dr. Clive steps in, the old lady confuses him with her dead husband, despite the fact that the only similarity between the two is their white hair. She then chases him and eventually becomes a stalker. Dr. Clive is forced to live with Hare because of the old lady. He, eventually, leaves, but only to be chased by the crazy old woman again!moreless
    • Illusion 7: Tokimeki Peyo: My Angel - Illusion 8: Continent Breast Down
      ILLUSION 7:

      After preparing a wonderful meal for the family, Hare becomes worried that when the baby comes, he will have to do so much more and won't be able to havve any free time. Guu give Hare the experience of raising a child by turning Weda and Dr. Clive into infants. Hare must re-raise his parents if he wants them to grow. Will Hare be able to handle raising his parents?

      ILLUSION 8:

      Toposte fears something bad has happened to Chourou when he was found asleep for 3 days. When Hare and Guu visit, they find Chourou in a very bad state. Guu decides to send Hare into Chourou's dreams. Hare finds that in Chourou's dreams, everybody has chest hair. Hare, soon discovers that there is a chesthair hunter and that this chesthair hunter is... Guu?! Can Hare help Chourou wake up?moreless
    • Illusion 9: The Tendency and the Counter Plan - Illusion 10: The Reason and the Result
      ILLUSION 9:

      After turning off the TV because of an alcohol commercial, Hare wants to make sure that Weda doesn't drink any beers. So, Hare, first, decides to get rid of the alcoholic beverages he has kept away from Weda. Guu doesn't want Hare to waste it, so she suggests that Hare drink it all! Dr. Clive drinks it and acts like a child. Guu gives Hare a cup of alcohol and Hare is just as crazy as ever. Will Hare return back to normal?

      ILLUSION 10:

      Hare is still worried about the baby. Guu uses the Chinchikurin stick and strikes Hare with it. Hare wakes up and finds himself in the past, 10 years ago! Hare decides to watch Weda and eventually has a conversation with her. Hare is worried that Weda doesn't have much friends. Hare finds out that Asio really liked Weda, even while she was ill. When Hare returns and wakes up, he finds out that the baby was already born.moreless
    • Illusion 11: I Will Love No More! - Illusion 12: My Father
      ILLUSION 11: Yumi and Yamada have a conversation about men, when Yumi explains that Hare doesn't notice his love enough. Yumi tries harder by showing up one morning in Hare's house, making a meal for him. Hare is worried that the doctor might do something to her. Hare then tells Yumi that she is bothersome, so Yumi tries to get advice from Weda and Clive. Yumi already knows that Hare doesn't show much love interest in her but only wishes she and Hare could go on one, last date. Hare accepts and the two go to the city for their date. Will Hare and Yumi be able to have a good time? Secondly, will Hare be able to make Yumi feel better again? ILLUSION 12: Weda leaves to have Ame have his checkup, so Hare must keep the house in order while they are gone. Hare soon finds his father smoking and looking through "magazines". Guu suggests that Clive and Hare get along if they want Ame to be healthy in the future. Clive tells Hare of his past and how terrible she was. Clive soon starts thinking Ame's future and decides to teach Ame from the mistakes he made in his past. Guu gives Hare and Clive some surveys where Hare and Clive could spend more time together. First off is games but shortly ends when the two start arguing. Will the two get along and set a peaceful environment for the infant?moreless
    • Illusion 13: Gunpowder smoke has the fragrance of rouge lipstick (part one) - Illusion 14: Gunpowder smoke has the... (part two)
      Illusion 13: An assassin has been sent to kill Weda. Robert comes to protect Weda and be her guard. The reason why Weda is targeted? It is because of Weda's father's will, which states that if Weda is removed, she would inherit a whole fortune. The whole killing is behind her older brother and older sister, who simply want the wealth. They decided to send a killer to kill Weda. Robert and Weda rush off to find this murderer and kill this sniper. This killer soon reveals herself... Illusion 14: This lady soon reveals herself to be Dama! Everyone seems really clam about this except for Hare. Robert then refers to Dama's bed partner, as the criminal that trains women to use as his personal pawns. This explains why Dama tried to kill Weda. Because she was influenced! Robert also explains to Dama that this thief is also the kind of person to throw away these women and look for a new one. Robert tells Dama that this is the truth and a flashback occurs. Dama is seen walking home from buying groceries. Dama bumps into a complete stranger and then falls into love with him. Dama becomes obsessed with him and eventually stays in bed with him. She has a more happier side with her husband but a more unstable side with her bed partner. Dama senses that Robert could be the same as that person. Dama deceived her husband and in return, was deceived. Dama heads to this criminal's place and decides...moreless