Jungle wa Itsumo Hare Notchi Guu

TV Tokyo Premiered Apr 03, 2001 Between Seasons





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  • Hare is a normal boy in the jungle until he meets Guu. Then his life becomes crazy.

    I love this anime. Sososo much. It's so random and silly. It's like, a show you can feel your childhood in, even though you didn't watch it as a kid. Even while it's a funny show, some of the stuff Guu says makes you think. The characters are just hilarious, especially Guu, Hare, and Dr. Clive. Hare's just got to deal with Guu in day to day life and is about to go crazy because of it. Guu, well, she's just Guu. She's friggin awesome. Dr. Clive, he's a fun character too, and even though he doesn't believe he can be Hare's dad (nor can Hare), I see that they have a lot of the same traits. The show is just overall great. The only problem I've really noticed is the city plots, because they aren't as funny as the jungle plots (especially in FINAL). It's still a very colorful, cute, and hilarious series that I would recommend. I give it an A.
  • this show may be odd but thats why i luv it ^_^

    I first heard of this show by mother3gba. i went to go check it out and man this show is awesome!!! its about a guy named hale living awesome in the jungle until a girl named guu came along. Hale's mother adopted her or something then she became part of the family!! ^^ I dont know exactly what guu is but in this show a whole bunch of weird stuff happens that will just make you shiver cry or laugh the heads of!!! some of the episodes i liked were when the docter (Hale's father) is victem to the hairdresser woman who thinks he is her husband.She goes off to get him and that poor man is terrified. soon he changes his hair hopoing it will help and it works!! ^^ so this show about guu has a story in it about his mother right at the probably end of the series. whether Guu's eating a human, being a ogre, tormenting Hale or just being godzilla i will luv this show soooo much and hope it will soon come up with more episodes of it...
  • One of the most oddest animes to hit the TV screen. Hare+Guu shows a fresh kind of humor that isn't found in most shows. It may have a few minor flaws, such as art quality and basic music (excluding the OP and ED), but the crazy larks of Guu are worth it.

    -This review is for the TV series only, not the Deluxe series or the Final series.-

    Hmm... let's see, now... Hare+Guu is about the everyday life of a jungle native boy named Hare, where there is always something crazy or insane happening. It all happens when Hare's mother brings in a cute girl named Guu, who only seems that way at first, but later on, seems to make Hare's life more crazier than it already is. Somehow, Hare is able to withstand Guu's actions and than (usually) feels discomfortable.

    This anime is probably one of the most insane and hilarious shows I've ever seen. There is always something crazy happening on the show, from Guu eating anything as she pleases, to the village elder obsessing over his chesthair, to a criminal robbing a bank and taking two hostages. There is always something that you probably wouldn't expect. It's always a surprise on this show!

    The story is, actually, pretty original for a comedy anime. As I've already explained, Hare must deal with Guu in his life. This all takes place in a jungle. The absurd thing about this, though, is that there is a normal, well-structured school with excellent air conditoning, good plumbing, and well-supplied electricity. Heck, Hare has a TV so he can play his video games! It's all just about Hare's life! Well... until the last few episodes, where something dramatic happens.

    The character designs are good and fit the show's style. Young kids are chibi-like, older kids are more developed, and teenagers and adults are developed as can be. One setback is, though, the art and animation qualities. The background designs seem to be decent, at least, but at the same time, also fit in with the show. The animation quality is below average on most cases, but this is all made up with the actions that follow or happen during the animated scenes themselves.

    The music is decent and very basic, nothing spectacular or attention-grabbing except for the Opening and Ending themes. The background music also seems to fit in with many of the situations that occur on this show. Fast-paced, scary scenes are treated with dramatic and tense music. Celebrations and quiet, lonetime scenes are covered with "I've-realized-and-now-understand" music. The Opening theme, LOVE Tropicana, is composed of a bright, cheerful, and sweet sound that should grab the ears of many when first being heard. The Ending theme, Ohashi, is a more, laid-back, calming song that is great for sunsets and other relaxing times.

    Overall, I give this anime an 'A' as it certainly doesn't fail to deliver what it was intended to deliver. With only a few minor setbacks, it makes up with hilarious scenes (either by Guu or another character) and a great storyline to boot. I personally suggest that you give this anime a try, whether you like comedy animes or not. Also, if you didn't know, the DVDs for the TV series are already out, with all 26 episodes to watch. I've heard from many that the dub was great and may be better than the original episodes. So, it would be nice to check out the series online and, if you like it, buy the DVDs and support AN Entertainment, Bang Zoom! Entertainment, and FUNimation Entertainment for supplying a great dub to a great series. ^_^