Jungle wa Itsumo Hare Notchi Guu - Season 2

TV Tokyo Premiered Apr 03, 2001 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • Illusion 11: Doggie and Bunny: Prologue - Illusion 12: Doggie and Bunny: Epilogue
    ILLUSION 11:

    While walking back home, Hare and Guu find a man in a straw hat. Hare and the stranger soon have a conversation over video games and than... Pachimon. Hare, shortly, feels that maybe he and this mysterious person will get along. This stranger, then reveals himself to be the criminal that tried to rob a bank. He wants revenge on Hare's mother, so he decides to take Hare as a hostage again. Weda arrives and soon remembers this bank thief. The criminal then explains to Weda that to complete the game that's inside of him, he must get rid of Weda. In exchange for Hare and Guu's life, Weda must die. Weda solves this and finally ends this all by falling off a cliff. As all seems to be lost, Dama appears and saves Weda. Dama and the villan then have a fight. Who will win?

    ILLUSION 12:

    It seems Dama was just getting started. A flashback shows that even then, Dama was still strong as she fought and defeated many bears in a quick movement. Guu has a flashback of how she met Dama. It was raining when Guu found Dama by a tree getting soaked with rain. Guu tells Dama that she should just laugh her troubles away and that Dama could become strong instead of just sitting around. Dama eventually defeats the thief. The thief leaves and follows Dama and eventually gets married to Dama.moreless
  • Illusion 9: The Tendency and the Counter Plan - Illusion 10: The Reason and the Result

    After turning off the TV because of an alcohol commercial, Hare wants to make sure that Weda doesn't drink any beers. So, Hare, first, decides to get rid of the alcoholic beverages he has kept away from Weda. Guu doesn't want Hare to waste it, so she suggests that Hare drink it all! Dr. Clive drinks it and acts like a child. Guu gives Hare a cup of alcohol and Hare is just as crazy as ever. Will Hare return back to normal?

    ILLUSION 10:

    Hare is still worried about the baby. Guu uses the Chinchikurin stick and strikes Hare with it. Hare wakes up and finds himself in the past, 10 years ago! Hare decides to watch Weda and eventually has a conversation with her. Hare is worried that Weda doesn't have much friends. Hare finds out that Asio really liked Weda, even while she was ill. When Hare returns and wakes up, he finds out that the baby was already born.moreless
  • Illusion 7: Tokimeki Peyo: My Angel - Illusion 8: Continent Breast Down

    After preparing a wonderful meal for the family, Hare becomes worried that when the baby comes, he will have to do so much more and won't be able to havve any free time. Guu give Hare the experience of raising a child by turning Weda and Dr. Clive into infants. Hare must re-raise his parents if he wants them to grow. Will Hare be able to handle raising his parents?


    Toposte fears something bad has happened to Chourou when he was found asleep for 3 days. When Hare and Guu visit, they find Chourou in a very bad state. Guu decides to send Hare into Chourou's dreams. Hare finds that in Chourou's dreams, everybody has chest hair. Hare, soon discovers that there is a chesthair hunter and that this chesthair hunter is... Guu?! Can Hare help Chourou wake up?moreless
  • Illusion 5: A Black, Hard, Shiny, Small, Wet, Place Liking... Yet... Surprisingly Fast Species. - Illusion 6: Sukisuki Ojiisan:

    While playing his games, Hare is disturbed at the thought of them being in his house. Guu interupts and introduces Hare to a quiet and dark couple. Hare is even more disturbed at the conversation between him and the depressed couple. The couple survives Hare's house and moves to Gupta's room...


    Victims of white hair are being chased and attacked by a mysterious, dark figure. Dama has also been missing from the jungle for a long time. A game is held to see who would make Dama appear. Wiggle loses and must put on a white wig. As soon as he puts it on, Dama appears and viciously chases and attacks him. Wiggle throws the wig over to Gupta and Gupta throws it on to Lavenna. The wig eventually lands on Hare's head and Hare is chased. Will Hare be able to calm Dama down or will he die?moreless
  • Illusion 3: Wait a second, Mari-tan - Illusion 4: The Second Round

    Mari is worried that Hare might turn out like Dr. Clive and thinks that Hare is more attracted to older women. Mari, then, decides to ask for advice from the boys in the village. Wiggle suggests that Mari change her image. She eventually goes for advice from Adi and Chet. Guu changes Mari into an older woman. Mari eventually returns to normal and makes a promise with Hare.


    The wedding is set and Dr. Clive and Weda are about to marry when Bel interupts and wants Weda not to marry Clive. Guu decides to have a 2nd round of the Weda Challenge. This time, the contestants are Clive, Bel, Asio, Hare, Wiggle, and Robert. Who will end up with Weda this time?moreless
  • Illusion 1: New Character - Illusion 2: Marriage is also Deluxe

    After returning to the jungle, Hare and Guu go to school to find out that they have a substitute teacher. Hare soon finds out that this teacher is not all what's she cracked up to be. She becomes angry at the slightest disruption, and soon after apologizes, thus showing her bipolar nature. Soon afterwards, the substitute teacher, Yumi, tries to confess her love to Reiji, but fails. Yumi, then, decides to go out with Hare. Shortly, she decides to win over Dr. Clive, but fails. Finally, Yumi tries to go out with Weda but fails. Hare gives Yumi some comforting advice and things are back to normal... or are they?


    One morning, Hare and Guu find out that something is wrong with Weda. Hare and Guu go to see Dr. Clive to find out why Weda's been more lazier than usual. They soon find out that Weda is pregnant. Dr. Clive tries to get Weda's permission if he could marry her and shortly, does.moreless
  • Extra Episode
    This episode is basically just a summary of the first season. The animation style is very different.