Junjou Romantica

Thursday 11:55 PM on Chiba TV Premiered Apr 10, 2008 Between Seasons


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  • Season 2
    • All's Well that Ends Well
      Junjou Romantica
      Akihito gets jealous of Misaki's admiration for a mangaka. Then, Misaki and Akhito's relationship is put through yet another test when Misaki is locked in a room with Akihito's brother.
    • Hate the Sin but Not the Sinner
      Junjou Romantica
      It's the new year and all three Usagi men are after one thing: Misaki. However, Misaki is only truly interested in Akihito and spends his new year with him at a hot spring. However, nothing ever runs smoothly for them.
    • Marriage is Made in Heaven
      Junjou Romantica
      When an unexpected girl arrives and proposes to Akihito, Misaki gets uneasy. It turns out that the girl is supposed to marry Akihito's brother...which ends in Misaki going for a three hour car ride with him.
    • Out the Frying Pan, Into the Fire
      Junjou Romantica
      Misaki and Akihito go on a date in order for Akihito to have suitable experience for a new manuscript. However, the date may not go well considering it get off to a rocky start when Akihito discovers Misaki has met his family.
    • Love Does Not Follow Logic
      Junjou Terrorist
      Miyagi is questioning where Shinobu and he stand in their relationship. He realizes his true feelings, but Shinobu is no where to be found.
    • Life Often Brings Misfortune in Times of Great Happiness
      Junjou Romantica
      Misaki questions his relationship with Akihito yet again when Akihito tells Misaki to just move out. While on the train, Misaki meets a stranger (with a rubber ducky!) that has a remarkable resemblance to Akihito.
    • A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
      Junjou Egoist As soon as Hiroki walks in the house, he sees Nowaki lying naked on the floor with another man. So, when the same man tells Hiroki that Nowaki is torn between becoming a pediatrician and staying in school, Hiroki is unhappy. They are living together, so why would Nowaki tell his coworker instead of his lover?moreless
    • Many a True Word is Spoken in Jest
      Junjou Romantica Since Misaki broke his ankle in his attempt to escape Akihito's childhood home, Akihito has been super over-protective. Oh, he still makes Misaki cook, but he holds him up as he does it. However, when the love gets a little too overbearing, it causes big friction in the household.moreless
    • The Mouth is the Gate of Misfortune
      Junjou Egotist Hiroki and Nowaki are stilling living together, but their relationship seems strained. Hiroki is always doing his academic studies while Nowaki is at the hospital. Well, Nowaki knows he loved Hiroki, but he wonders if the feeling is mutual?
    • Third Time's Charm
      Junjou Romantica Since Misaki happened to mention that he liked strawberries Akihito's brother, Kaoruko, keeps sending him strawberries. Meanwhile, Misaki is excited about finally being able to feel like a "real student" since Sumi is getting him to help volunteer at the cultural festival. However, his feeling of the norm soon fade out when Kaoruko shows up at his school and takes him back to his place.moreless
    • What Happens Twice Can Happen Thrice
      Junjou Romantica Misaki and Akihito's relationship is getting questioned. Between Akihito confronting Misaki about never saying 'I love you' and Isaka telling Misaki that he is involving Akihito in a scandalous relationship, the boy's unsaid status just won't do. So, with all these inquiries in the air how will Misaki ever make it through the party? Oh, and the fact that Akihito's brother is being a little too interested in Misaki doesn't help matters either.moreless
    • What Happens Once Can Happen Twice
      Junjou Romantica
      Akihito has a huge book conference coming up, and he really doesn't want to go. However, when he thinks Misaki wants to go, he just can't reject the offer. Then, on Misaki's trip to the location of the party, he has a chance encounter with someone from Akihito's past.moreless
  • Season 1
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