Junk Brothers

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Junk Brothers

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Junk Brothers Steve and Jim Kelley collect discarded items which are destined for the trash. Using their creative skills, they "recreate" the cast-off item into a surprising piece of furniture, a piece of artwork, or a functional (and stylish) appliance. The brothers then surreptitiously return the altered piece to the residence where they found it, and record the occupants' reactions when they realize that their "junk" has been transformed into a new and useful object.

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AIRED ON 5/23/2007

Season 2 : Episode 13

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  • Do i have some junk for you

    I have a big old floor tv . And i have an awesome corner sectional would love for you to do something with it please
  • It is a really good show.

    It is so cool how they change the stuff. One day I was just watching TV and then it was on so I was watching. I really enjoyed it. It showed different things you can do to your stuff to restore it because the stuff they take is others junk and they come up with so may out of this world stuff. It would be so cool for them to take something of yours it would come back as some thing total different. I saw it where they used o bike and made it into a fan. How do they think of these things? I don\\\'t really watch it very often because I don\\\'t know when it is on. Otherwise I would always be watching it if you have not seen it watch it not really to try it but to see the different crazy ideas that they come up with.moreless
  • A very fun show.

    Junk brothers is quite the show I tell you. It is fun to see what they can turn worthless junk into. It is a good show to turn on when your bored and interesting. I thought it was wierd when I first watched it I was going like"What the heck?" But after I watched it it was pretty cool. It is fun to see when they give the junk back to the people and see how they react. This show is good and you should watch it. Great Show! Watch it and see what they do with some worthless junk.moreless
  • Love these boys.

    I especially like Jim. He can work on my junk any day! They do create some interesting things out of junk, although I don\\\\\\\'t always understand why?

    Can\\\\\\\'t really believe they are brother -one blonde, on brunette, but who cares. The blonde can hold me any night he wishes to!

    Its a good show to watch if you are just channel surfing and they do give some good tips for carpetry and other general building skills.

    I would definately give it a look. Its good hour to spend. I like there shop, too, alhtough, it is proably just a set.

    Take care.