Junk Raiders

Monday 9:00 PM on Discovery Channel Premiered Sep 14, 2009 In Season


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  • me away....

    Just saw episode 6 and it blew me away... So many pieces could be sold for designer prices. So amazing to see the final results. Loved the show....

  • The Flaming Designer

    The show is great, if you can get past the screaming (somebody get a valium) female designer. She is awful!She is the only one not with the program and truly, who would want "that" designing your house? She's a Diva and obviously came from a home with no class or breeding. (Did you grow up in a trailer park?)Her eyes go wild then here comes the shreeking. Is someone on hand with a tranquilizer gun, just in case? Guys I'd be sleeping with one eye open. Maybe she has mad cow disease....thats what I thought last evening as I was watching her.Hmmmm. I bet theres a dumpster with her name on it...if not...there should be.
  • freecyclers are a joke on this show

    I have been doing scrape since I was a kid with my dad. When I lived on my own and got married I supplied my homes with over 50% of salvaged items and these guys calling myselves freecyclers need to get a clue. They are the worst at this idea, if I had half the resources these guys have had i could supply and recreate items to supply four lofts where ever these guys came from they need to back to the streets and learn what real salvagers can do. these two guys bring the whole show down to anyone who really does freecycling
  • My husband and I watched the show faithfully and really enjoyed it. We both grew up in Toronto and tried to figure out where the loft was located. Great job, good laugh. Thanks Laurie and Phillip

    The show was great. It kept us guessing. Truly was surprising what can be done with a bunch of junk. The only complaint we had is that it is over too soon. We really looked forward to watching it each week and family and friends of ours in Peterborough watched it faithfully too. I hope to see more programs like it on TV. One question, was the superintendent of the project related at all to Mike Holmes? He looks something the same and his voice is very close to Mikes. The show is making me look at junk in a whole new way. Thanks Laurie and Phillip
  • Junk Raiders review... by: Justin Hall

    Ok, so far I think the show is a good idea and some good could come from it.

    What I don't like is the one month time limit. I think something like that should be given at least a three month time limit to find and assemble all the things needed. Especially for free and for a warehouse sized room.

    The crew: I like them all except for Anthony and that designer chick...but mostly Anthony. He is the most completly useless idiot I have ever seen in my life. What is he even doing on that show? He cant build...he cant supervise...he cant design...he cant even pick garbage properly. I cannot stand watching him...he is such a useless mess. How he even gets to be on the show blows my mind...I wish I could take his spot, I think even I could do better and annoy less people.

    Anyways, just needed to share that. I have never been so annoyed by a person in my life I think.
  • Seven people have a month & $5000 to take a loft up from bare walls to fully renovated, furnished relying mostly on found items from the trash. The owner has the final say and can have them tear the whole thing out if it does not meet his approval.

    Fabulous concept showing the different mindsets between the construction and design industries and those of us who see the earth as our lifeblood with limited resources. I've seen new sinks, cabinets, etc. replaced with higher end stuff to flip condos. The difficulty - it is impossible to order stuff from free-cycling. Try Craigslist! The GC has a hard time waiting for the free stuff so spends money a little willy-nilly. The two real free-cyclers should be out on the garbage route constantly doing what they do best. Not a fan of the owner, Joe Smith; he needs to get real!