Junk Raiders

Monday 9:00 PM on Discovery Channel Premiered Sep 14, 2009 In Season


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  • Junk Raiders review... by: Justin Hall

    Ok, so far I think the show is a good idea and some good could come from it.

    What I don't like is the one month time limit. I think something like that should be given at least a three month time limit to find and assemble all the things needed. Especially for free and for a warehouse sized room.

    The crew: I like them all except for Anthony and that designer chick...but mostly Anthony. He is the most completly useless idiot I have ever seen in my life. What is he even doing on that show? He cant build...he cant supervise...he cant design...he cant even pick garbage properly. I cannot stand watching him...he is such a useless mess. How he even gets to be on the show blows my mind...I wish I could take his spot, I think even I could do better and annoy less people.

    Anyways, just needed to share that. I have never been so annoyed by a person in my life I think.