Junk Raiders - Season 2

Monday 9:00 PM on Discovery Channel Premiered Sep 14, 2009 In Season


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Episode Guide

  • Episode 2.6
    Episode 2.6
    Episode 6
    The team moves their pet-project into the old brickworks location and try to put everything they've worked on over the past month in place for the client and executives to see. Not surprisingly, it's down to the deadline and Geoff even has some problems with the "fireflies" which cannot be completed as designed.moreless
  • Episode 2.5
    Episode 2.5
    Episode 5
    It's the halfway point and the team has to switch locations to start making the entire building two stories tall. However, several problems arise of a structural nature which may cause set-backs. Other members start to realize that ideas will come and go and they can't spend all their time working on something that won't end up making the client's cut.moreless
  • Episode 2.4
    Episode 2.4
    Episode 4
    Geoff completely runs out of money and the team work together to gather some scrap to make some money. Also Gordie pulls off two more successful freecycle runs and even manages to sell a sink for an added bonus. The sliding wall units become more of a reality and the welding situation improves as the stairs become cut.moreless
  • Episode 2.3
    Episode 2.3
    Episode 3
    Geoff's demands for progress and stress for deadlines puts everyone in a foul mood. The team also continues to deal with a shortage of steel/metal to work with. Finally, the architect and client also have big changes for Geoff and he's not happy.
  • Episode 2.2
    Episode 2.2
    Episode 2
    Geoff gets the team to make progress with the build, however, the client does not approve with some of their tampering of the design. That means Geoff might have to spend a lot more of his remaining $4000.
  • Episode 2.1
    Episode 2.1
    Episode 1
    Contractor Geoff and freecycler Gordie from the previous season are back with a brand new experienced team of junk builders. The team is ready to assemble an architecturally designed building entirely out of junk with only $5000 to buy new materials.