Junkyard Wars

TLC (ended 2004)




Episode Guide

  • Season 15
    • Junkyard Mega Wars: The Great Race (3)
      In the final challenge, the teams convert their vehicles to travel across Colorado River, but that's only the beginning. To win the race, the score leading team members must also drive the vehicle to Vegas, and cross the finish line at the Flamingo hotel. At race day, Farm Boys passed the river first, followed by Metal Maidens and Fire Power. Anarchy's vehicle stuck at river bottom, and was forced to quit. At the second half the trip, the surviving teams retained their ranks.moreless
    • Junkyard Mega Wars: The Great Race (2)
      In the second part of The Great Race, the contestants rebuild their vehicles to drive over desert dunes of Death Valley. Fire Power chose to cut down the vehicle and convert it into a half-tread truck; Anarchy got bigger wheels, a nitrous kit, and cut down the weight of the hearse; Metal Maidens and Farm Boys each put a Baja skidpad under the vehicle, with Farm Boys cutting down its own truck. In race day, Fire Power's tread had fallen before the match began, so the vehicle was run without treads. Anarchy won the race, followed by Farm Boys, Metal Maidens, Fire Power.moreless
    • Junkyard Mega Wars: The Great Race (1)
      Four teams scour junkyards from California to the Vegas strip, facing huge challenges along the way. Under the new rule, each team has total of 12 hours to gather materials from a junkyard, then carry the materials to modify the team vehicle elsewhere. After each match, each team will retain its own vehicle to race in next match. In this episode, they have to modify their vehicles to go downhill from Sierra Nevada mountains and pass a giant log. Team - Members Anarchy (black) - Chopper Rat, Lin-Dog, Brandon Farm Boys (green) - Chaney, Stupe, Grandpa Fire Power (red, from Kentucky) - Fletch, Keith, Crusher Metal Maidens (pink, from San Francisco) - Flybutter, Rebecca, Kikimoreless
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