Junkyard Wars

Season 14 Episode 6

Fire Trucks

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Mar 02, 2004 on TLC

Episode Recap

Hackett plans to build a giant fire extinguisher from a propane tank, which will push the water out by pumping air into the tank. Progress is very slow, but several ingenious improvisations allow them to finish and test it out at the last moment. As a backup measure, Hackett puts a small propane tank with the top cut off on a long pole.

Colonel Dick wants to turn a 4-cylinder car engine into a water pump, with another engine to drive it through a car differential. He's missing key check valves, but then Hackett generously hands over what they need. The build proceeds slowly, but they get everything done thanks to the excellent efforts of one team member.

On competition night, Hackett easily completes the dumpster fire due to having twice the water flow and a better pump. On the way to the car fire, the Blue Team's truck's engine quits, and they have to push the truck. Hackett runs out of water twice through the car fire and have to refill, which allows the fire to rekindle, but Hackett's "bucket on a stick" keeps it under control during refilling. Blue Team gets their car fire quenched first, and moves onto the pallets, but their pump drive shaft snaps, killing their pump. Hackett's team is slower with the car fire, but is able to finally stop the pallet fire very quickly.