Junkyard Wars

Season 15 Episode 1

Junkyard Mega Wars: The Great Race (1)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Aug 08, 2004 on TLC

Episode Recap

Four teams scour junkyards from California to the Vegas strip, facing huge challenges along the way. Under the new rule, each team has total of 12 hours to gather materials from a junkyard, then carry the materials to modify the team vehicle elsewhere. After each match, each team will retain its own vehicle to race in next match. In this episode, 4 teams started the race from Los Angeles, then they have to modify their vehicles to go downhill from Sierra Nevada mountains and pass a giant log.

Team - Members - Vehicle

Anarchy (black) - Chopper Rat, Lin-Dog, Brandon - hearse

Farm Boys (green) - Chaney, Stupe, Grandpa - Ford pickup truck

Fire Power (red, from Kentucky) - Fletch, Keith, Crusher - red rapid response fire vehicle (truck)

Metal Maidens (pink, from San Francisco) - Flybutter, Rebecca, Kiki - Pink Cadillac

Race Results:

Anarchy: After jumping over the log, the vehicle's wheel flew off, making it unable to finish the race.

Fire Power: When it was crossing the log with platform, the vehicle was high-centred, making it stuck in the middle of the log.

Farm Boys: The team cut the log with a chainsaw, then push the halves of the log with a tailgate lift.

Metal Maidens: The Cadillac jump over the log, and finished the rest of the match earlier than Farm Boys.

Final scores

Anarchy: 0 (total 0), Farm Boys: 3 (total 3), Fire Power: 0 (total 0), Metal Maidens: 4 (total 4).
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