Junkyard Wars

Season 15 Episode 2

Junkyard Mega Wars: The Great Race (2)

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Aug 08, 2004 on TLC

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  • I want this show back on air.

    So many people love this show. I remember when I was younger. my daddy and the family would get to gether and watch this show. It was so much fun. I dont understand why someone would take it off air. Junkyard wars. Is one of the best competetive show.
    It prove that u can make things out of junk. There was always something to talk about it. And try to figure out whos junk was better. I miss this show sooo much. I and many other was recently talking it. and tried to figure out why would people take it off air. It was entertaining. and it put smiles on peoples faces. So please Bring JUNKYARD WARS back to like. and on air.