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TLC (ended 2004)





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  • Another good kind of war! Smart.

    Junkyard wars is fantastic in anyways, you can sometimes even take down what they did, learn on mechanics. Somewhat smart.
  • Old Lady Loves Junkyard Wars!

    I'm watching a re-run, the episode "Off-Road-Golf," 2003. It's really holding my interest. Let me say that I'm not the typical demographic, I'm a 70 year old lady, an actress and culture/history vulture. Maybe I missed my calling because this program has grabbed my attention. So much in fact that I'm thinking of improvements to the junkyard golf machines I see cavorting on the screen. Wow, this is really fun. It's refreshing to see a few grey heads in the cast, too. This is a great new discovery for me and since I've never watched before it looks like I have a few years of re-runs to keep me entertained for a long time!
  • All my friends loved this show please bring it back the Oringal way. please bring it back still watch the reruns when I see there on

    Me and all my friends enjoyed this show the only. The next day we would talk about it and what they built and were they messed up. The only thing we didnt care for was in the last season they had a set team captain and players that you picked from I think when they changed it to this they pertty much killed the show. I loved how the original from England was with teams against each other and maybe one expert. I also like the 3 different world teams against each other because it show different thinking on building things BRING IT BACK PLEASE
  • A fun show my brother and I just love to watch!

    A really fun show to watch. Two teams get about a day to build a working... something! It could be a rocket boat, a firetruck, or a torpedo, but it's always quite a supprise to see these people actually build something out of scraps they found in a junkyard. It's even more supprising that most of them actually work! This show is still on the Science Channel alot, and is actually the first place I saw it. I love to watch it for laughs and to lean some new things about engineering. I recomend this show to anyone who likes science, watching people build things, and laugh at people fighting.
  • go shoppping in a junkyard and build cool stuff better than the other guy.


    what a shame it hasn't been on for 6 years...this show is an unbelievable classic! my 7 year old loves it and my husband was born to do this. if one of the cable channels would review this little gem and bring it back, i think that it's popularity would be suprisingly increased (think...back when it last was produced, not nearly as many people had access to dish/cable/direct tv or could dvr the show to watch over and over!)

    this one is a no brainer...grass-roots, people!!! contact TLC, discovery, science, etc. and get these cable folks to listen!!!!

    i got me a dream-team to send in!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I love this show!

    I love this show! I love the concept and think it would be great if they could bring this one back or start a spin off from this show. Making something with junk is a great idea and helps advertise being more environmentally friendly. We have so much junk around and I think this show helped promote getting rid of it in a better way than just letting it sit around and rust in a corner. This show was education and funny. Things did not work out as planned every time and that made the show even more interesting and entertaining.
  • Great show.

    Junkyard Wars is a very good show for all those arm chair mechanics that wish they could but can't build like these guys. The show is fun to be a Monday quarter back and yell at the screen that they are doing it all wrong and to not use this or not use that... Seems easy when you are under the pressure and have a view of what the other team is building so as to know if a complex design would be best or to just go with a simple and strong plan "which usually wins". In closing a very good show that should be on DVD.
  • A show about building objects in a limited time with only using the resources in the junk yard. Team members go through the junk yard finding parts relating to their building project. After completing the selected project, teams then compete against each

    Personally, I think this show is great. This show is all about just building a machine and then racing. Each team mate has a special ability/experience in some field. I also learned about this show that you can build things or make things just by going out in a simple junkyard rather than going to a hardware store to get the parts. Enjoy the show!
  • Your mission to build a device to win a test. Your task to use the junkyard shop and what you can find among the garbage.

    This show began as a very innovative reality show is a field of television time waste. The initial tasks were intellectually stimulative. The initial teams were engaging. As winning teams won more and more matches, one developed favorite teams and contestants. The show had potential.

    But as is the case of many a television success, they milked a good idea to ruin. The show split to British and USA versions. Show hosts changed. The tasks became less compelling and more contrived. The search for scrap became more obviously a search for "Easter Egg" stashed finds. The killing blow was the reliance on established teams.

    Without the sparkle of new "Average Joes," the show took on a whole staged atmosphere. Contestants became just bad actors. One found it hard to relate and the "Reality" of the show was lost.

    If you can catch an early episode, try it. Do not judge it solely on the later episodes. Junk can be fun.