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Jurassic Fight Club

Tuesday 9:00 PM on The History Channel Premiered Jul 29, 2008 Between Seasons


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Jurassic Fight Club

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The History Channel imagines prehistoric life in this entertainment series about dinosaur battles. Computer-generated dinosaurs engage in conflicts choreographed using paleontological evidence from 70-million-year-old crime scenes.

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AIRED ON 10/22/2008

Season 1 : Episode 12


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  • Why did this show have to die so quickly?

    This show is a decent watch bringing you knowledge and a kickass battle at the end, resembling Deadliest Warrior, but with can someone explain to me why this never caught on?! The visuals,while certainly not Jurassic Park, the dinosaur models atleast look nice and realistic,they have a great presentation of th fight however i think people stopped watching this due to this one man's irritating voice that drove me to grind my teeth to shreds. Overall Jurassic Fight Club is a good watch if you want some good ol' Dino vs. Dino action.moreless
  • The K/T Extinction event as it might have happened - and how exactly did it kill the dinosaurs.

    After seeing the main body of the "JFC's" season 1, I thought myself as a seasoned and resistant reviewer of the show's flaws - the fixation on the dinosaurs' eventual and ultimate extinction, the favoritism of allosaurus and tyrannosaurus, the lack of feathers of the dromeosauRIDS, and, of course, the rather unnecessary dramatization of the whole show. I was wrong. The season's finale, "Armageddon", cranked up the dramatization's levels to a totally new heights. Make no mistake - the actual scientific examinations of the K/T extinction event were done solidly enough, without any favoritism - for a while it seemed that they would actually try to downplay it when they talked about the Late Jurassic extinction.

    But then they turned to the actual K/T extinction, and the overbearing acting just hammed it up. Not to mention the somewhat sadistic attention to detail: does the audience really want that dinosaurs got cooked alive, burned alive, or smashed into oblivion by a three-mile-high tsunamis? (The other side of the detail is such presumption that we can even identify which particular asteroid smashed into earth and moon.) Science is about paying attention to detail, but "JFC" had clearly gone over the top. As an alternative, when in 1999 BBC released the "Walking With Dinosaurs" series, whose last episode also dealt with the extinction of the dinosaurs, they managed to convey such detailed imagination in check, while ensuring that the audience did realize how dinosaurs died-out 65 MYA. But then again, "WWD" tried to realistically show the ecology of the dinosaurian world, while "JFC" scenario is more of having two or more dinosaurs fight it out in virtual equivalent of a fighting pit - but unlike Animal Planet's show "Animal Face-Off" they did it with a lot more dramatization, favoritism, and well, overacting.

    And so, here's my last review of the "JFC" season 1 - a good show, but there's just too much needless ham.moreless
  • Jurassic Fight Club is a show that depicts ancient prehistoric dinosaur battles through computer graphic animation. Scientist analyze the "crime scene" and calculate scenarios that would be most plausible for that time period.moreless

    Jurassic Fight Club is ever dino lover's must see. Depicting prehistoric battles with beautifully done computer graphics, it keeps your attention unlike some other educational show. That's right, it's educational! This show has both dinosaur violence and educational values. So you're actually learning something watching two dinosaurs rip each other apart. (There is blood and dinosaur violence, so parental guidance is advised.) Pros of the show:

    ~The explanation of what's going on is very well done. It's not that confusing or hard to understand. ~Again, well done graphics.

    ~A good story line to each battle, and it's based on fact so it's even cooler.

    Cons of the show:

    ~They can get a little repetitive during the show. ~There is one guy that has an annoying voice, but that just bothers me. Overall it's a great show and any dino lover should watch it.moreless

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