Just Deal

NBC (ended 2002)




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Incoming
      Episode 1
      The first episode introduces Ashley, the new student who just lost her dad, Dylan, a soccer player who might lose his spot in the team because of bad grades, and Jermaine who would love to be in the soccer team too.
    • Homecoming
      Episode 2
      When the homecoming dance approaches, Naomi is determined to go with Jermaine to the dance, no matter he wants or not.

      Meanwhile, Ash accepts Mike Jr.'s invitation when Dylan doesn't want to go to the dance, which causes a conflict between the brothers.
    • State of Emergency (AKA The Unusual Suspect)
      When a hurricane hits Seattle, it's not the only storm Ash has to face: At home, she gets into a fight with her overprotective mom about strict (and sometimes impossible to follow) house rules.
    • The Right Question
      When Ash and Dylan start an online dating service for students, the superficial nature of the questionnaire results in trouble until Dylan finds the right question. In the meantime, Jermaine shoots down his admirer Naomi.
    • Totally Random
      Totally Random
      Episode 5
      When a guy fires a gun at Naomi's party, Dylan is the only one who could identify the shooter. The problem: the shooter saw him too and Dylan is afraid he could come after him.
    • One for the Road
      One for the Road
      Episode 6
      When Ash and Dylan drink too much wine one evening, they have to deal with consequences. Especially Dylan's father, who is a recovering alcoholic, is deeply disappointed.
    • The Tutor
      The Tutor
      Episode 7
      Despite the hard work he put in and the help from Ash he got, Dylan fails the test he was frantically learning for. While he struggles with his fate of failure, Counselor Andre Pena wonders if Dylan has a learning disability.
    • Have Your Cake
      Have Your Cake
      Episode 8
      An attractive fellow skateboarder named Molly seeks for Dylan's attention and Ash can barely hide her jealousy. When Ash discovers Naomi's eating disorder, she tries to help Naomi face her problem.
    • Getting Inked
      Getting Inked
      Episode 9
      Fake ID's from Hunter cause some trouble: Jermaine uses the ID to get a tattoo though his mom doesn't want him to. But when the skin gets infected, his mom finds out the truth anyway. Naomi and Ash fail to get into a nightclub with their fake IDs.
    • Joyride
      Episode 10
      Just received his Learner's Driving Permit, Dylan takes his brother's car without permission and drives with Ash and Jermaine to a shop to get some supplies for Jermaine's school project involving model rockets. But when the following launch attempt doesn't go too well, Dylan's joyride won't stay undiscovered.
    • With the Band
      With the Band
      Episode 11
      When the pop-punk band Flip Nixon is in town, Jermaine and Dylan convince Ash to leave school and get autographed CDs for them. But before Ash can get them the autographs, she runs out of time and leaves. However, on her way back to school, Flip Nixon's van hits her...
    • Washed Up
      Washed Up
      Episode 12
      Ash organizes a charity car & animal wash, but with micromanaging every detail, she is a terrible manager. In the meantime, Dylan takes part in a skateboarding competition.
    • Uncovered
      Episode 13
      Relationships are changing as the students take a close look at themselves and others in this season-ending episode. Naomi continues to insist to Ash that she and Dylan are a couple. Mike Jr. makes it plain to Dylan too that his feelings for Ash aren't something he's hiding very well. Hunter decides that he's through be a chauffeur for Naomi, as the two of them are unable to admit an attraction for each other.moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 3