Just Deal - Season 2

NBC (ended 2002)




Episode Guide

  • Passages
    Episode 13
    Ash's plans for the summer may threaten her relationship with Dylan. In the meantime, Mike is concerned about his graduation party when his parents say no to beer.
  • Dojo Mojo
    Dojo Mojo
    Episode 12
    Naomi is making a documentary about self-defense for civics class, so she is filming at a karate lesson that both Jermaine and Kim are attending. Naomi asks Ash to be in her film playing the role of the victim. Ash agrees, but she has to juggle her schedule all around so that she and Dylan can go to a museum exhibit, and so Dylan can make a trip to visit an aunt and uncle. At work Benny gives Jermaine some advice about how to deal with his longing for Kim: make her jealous.moreless
  • Under Suspicion
    Under Suspicion
    Episode 11
    Jermaine accuses Kim's boyfriend Jason of being a thief, just as Kim breaks up with him. Meanwhile, because of Dylan's recent behaviour, Dylan's family suspects him of taking drugs.
  • Women's Work
    Women's Work
    Episode 10
    On the "Take Our Daughters to Work Day", Ash prefers going along with Dylan's mother to the hospital, while Naomi accompanies Ash's mom to the newspapers. In the meantime, Dylan and Jermaine attend the "Boys to Men" classes at school and learn some unexpected new things.
  • Urban Legend
    Urban Legend
    Episode 9
    For a video project for school, Naomi asks her friends to help her research a tragic local urban legend. Whereupon, each of the friends tells a different version of the story.
  • Motel Hell
    Motel Hell
    Episode 8
    When a biking trip doesn't end as planned for Dylan, Ash, Jermaine and Kim, the four are forced to spend the night in a motel room, alone.
  • Home Sweet Home
    Home Sweet Home
    Episode 7
    Jermaine struggles to accept his new family life with his dad, stepmother and stepbrother. In the meantime, Ash and Dylan's study sessions lead to different results.
  • The Perfect Mix
    The Perfect Mix
    Episode 6
    Ash has a hard time accepting the fact that her mother is dating again, especially when Mom goes out with her art teacher.
  • Painted Love
    Painted Love
    Episode 5
    While Ashley is going to show her painting at an art gallery, her old boyfriend Josh comes into town and makes Dylan jealous. Meanwhile, Jermaine finds out that he may have to move to D.C with his mom.
  • School Prayer
    School Prayer
    Episode 4
    Dylan rejoins the soccer team, and soon causes uproar when he says a prayer before a game: Making several teammates (including Jermaine) feel uncomfortable, he is suspended until he apologizes to them. Meanwhile, Ash is exploring her own Jewish faith. Finally, Naomi and Hunter go out on a date.
  • Low Fidelity
    Low Fidelity
    Episode 3
    Ash's mom and Dylan's parents have dinner together, which soon takes an unpleasant turn: When it comes to politics, their different point of views results in an argument. In the meantime, Jermaine finds a job at the record store The Vinyl Frontier where meets Kim, his coworker. She attracts him, but unfortunately Jermaine soon learns that she is in a relationship.moreless
  • Picture Day
    Picture Day
    Episode 2
    School pictures are scheduled to be taken the next day and Naomi is concerned about her appearance, despite Ash's assurance that she looks just fine. But Naomi plants some doubts in Ash's mind when she points out a pimple on Ash's nose and soon Ash starts to become obsessed with the zit. Dylan gives her some medication to help allay her fears.moreless
  • Second Date
    Second Date
    Episode 1
    Ashley and Dylan's second date doesn't go too well and leads them to question their future as a couple.