Just Deal

Season 1 Episode 11

With the Band

Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Dec 16, 2000 on NBC

Episode Recap

Hot local rock band Flip Nixon is autographing CD's and giving away concert tickets at the mall. Dylan and Jermaine can't get there, so they coerce Ash, who has a free period, into going and waiting in line for them, even though she's not too crazy about the idea. When Naomi hears what Ash is doing, she invites herself along, telling Ash the two of them need to have female friends. Naomi asks Ash about her relationship with Dylan and doesn't believe Ash when she says they're just friends. Naomi doesn't believe a girl and a guy can be platonic friends and thinks that Ash is doing this task not for the $10 the boys gave her, but because she cares about Dylan.

When they arrive at the music store, they are surprised to see the band is playing live and there's a long line to get in. Naomi goes looking to find a guy who will let them cut in line. She does and the girls get inside, but time is running short and Ash says they will have to leave. Naomi tells her she's staying with Jonathan, the guy she met in line. Ash is angry with Naomi, saying that she acts like she's her good friend then dumps her for the first cute boy she sees. Ash is bicycling back to school when a van clips her and knocks her to the ground as she crosses a street. Several guys pile out of the van to see if she's OK. She's not badly hurt, except for a possible broken ankle. While lying there she recognizes the faces--it's Flip Nixon and their manager, who were on their way to lunch!

The band members are very solicitious of Ash, calling an ambulance, riding with her to the hospital and waiting for her there. At school, though, Jermaine and Dylan are wondering why Ash hasn't returned. Mr. Pena is curious, too--Ash missed a meeting with him. The boys talk to Naomi, who has now returned, and she says Ash left two hours ago. After Ash misses a couple of classes, Pena calls her mother. Emily Gordon is worried and comes down to Beachwood.

Dylan and Jermaine ask why Naomi split up with Ash, and they think what she did wasn't right. While in Pena's office, Mrs. Gordon gets a phone call--Ash is in the hospital, but alright. The guys from Flip Nixon bring her home and carry her inside. They ask if there is anything they can do. Dylan and Jermaine arrive and are surprised to find the band there. Later that evening, Flip Nxon performs an "unplugged" set at Ash's house for her and friends. Naomi apologizes to Ash for her actions earlier.