Just Deal

Season 3 Episode 12


Aired Saturday 11:30 AM Jul 27, 2002 on NBC

Episode Recap

Neither Ash or Dylan is anxious to go to school and face their classmates and each other after their breakup. They also aren't too happy that footage for the video yearbook is being shot that day. Jermaine and Laurel try to make them feel better. When Dylan and Ash happen to pass in the hall, she speaks to him, but he says nothing, which sends Ash to the bathroom in tears. Meanwhile, at the Vinyl Frontier, Kim is wondering out loud to Benny about love and her friends' breakup. Benny realizes how serious Kim's affection for Jermaine is.

Armed with a videocamera, Mandy asks Jermaine a lot of questions he doesn't want to answer, but when she finally asks him what his most memorable moment was in school, he doesn't hesitate: it was when he and Dylan met Ash, which led to a wonderful friendship. Ash hears him talking and is touched. Mandy films her answering the same question and she likewise says her best memory was meeting Jermaine and Dylan when she was a new kid in school whose father had just died. She speaks so well of their friendship that Jermaine takes the tape from school and goes to Dylan's house, where he makes him watch it. After hearing what Ash says, Dylan goes to her apartment, where the two of them come to an understanding: maybe their days as a couple are over, but they're likely to always be friends. Jermaine too realizes how much he cares for Kim, and goes to see her.