Just For Fun!

Dumont (ended 1965)


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Just For Fun!

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A popular stunt like kids TV game show, Just For Fun was originally conceived by radio and tv host and producer Sonny Fox as a means of providing an extra income for his growing family. He had been mc'ing WNEW TV Ch.5 NYC's Sunday morning kid's variety series Wonderama for a year. When his wife Gloria Fox was expecting another child in their family, Fox went to see the heads of Metromedia TV to ask for a raise. The station execs refused to raise his salary..but they did offer the host to create, produce and mc another kid's TV program for the station's Saturday morning timeslot. Pondering what type of series he could create for his viewers, Sonny began to think to the happy days that he spent in summer camp and The Color Wars that he used to play with the other campers. Using this concept as the show's format and hiring TV producer and director Bob Cahn to help him develop the idea, the two men presented their game show idea to the station execs that fall. They liked the idea and on Saturday morning October 3,1959..Just For Fun made it's NYC TV debut on WNEW TV Ch.5. Having the studio audiences set up as three teams of contestants, The Blue,The White and The Gold Teams, Fox would have the selected members of the groups try to complete stunts in the least ammount of time so that the members of the team could earn points and win a collection of toy prizes. The show became a hit with NYC's young viewers and later into the series run..a new game was added to the show's format. The Mystery Guest was basically a kid's version of adult oriented prime TV quiz show: What's My Line!? Three members of the teams would try to find out the indentity of the mystery guest via yes and no questions. The members of the panel would also be blindfolded. Many well-known performers and personalities such as Huntz Hall, Soupy Sales, Chuck McCann and Paul Ashley, Yogi Bera, Dayton Allen, Jimmy Nelson, Charolette Rae, Joe Flynn, Tim Conway and Paul Winchell would appear as The Mystery Guest. (The Mystery Guest Concept would be used again on WWOR TV Ch.9's Steampipe Alley) Fox would continue to host Just For Fun..until he left the series on Saturday July 31,1965. Ch.5's Staff announcer/cartoon show host and Comm. Officer Rogers on Capt.Video Fred Scott would become the show's second and last host on Saturday August 7,1965. Scott would mc the program..until Ch.5 dropped Just For Fun on Saturday September 4,1965.moreless

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