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Just for Kicks

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Whoopi Goldberg, the five-time Kids' Choice Award-winner, presents a new live-action series about four young girls on a very successful girls soccer team. The players, however, are as diverse as you could think. One is a tomboy, one is an A+ student destined for an Ivy League college, one is a rebel, and one is a popular girl. This series chronicles their lives both on and off the soccer field, seeing how each deals with both personal and social issues.

Developed by Goldberg, who has to her credit at least one of just about every prestigious award out there, including the Emmy, the Oscar, the Grammy and the Tony Award, she is also an executive producer, as are Tom Leonardis, David Brookwell ("Even Stevens") and Sean McNamara ("That's So Raven").

"Just For Kicks" was originally scheduled to premiere in September 2005, but due to production delays, was moved to April 2006. The show will premiere on April 9th with a one-hour event from 7-8 pm ET/PT in Nickelodeon's TEENick programming block. The show then moves to its regular time, Sundays at 8 pm ET/PT.moreless
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  • If only good shows showed on T.V.

    For the first time I'm disappointed to see a Nick show end, this really had potential it's weird how it just stopped showing like that, I mean it was interesting, funny, help me out here people I'm still looking for a flaw, I've seen worse shows that thing go on for seasons so why'd this get the axe. And the characters were really good and believable, you could really see yourself hanging out with those girls, for the love of good the Naked Brothers Band is still on the air and they couldn't make space for some pretty cool girls? Unbelievable.moreless
  • Why did this show have to end so early? :(

    I miss this show so much. I loved watching all the girls play soccer and deal with problems. I miss Lauren, Alexa, Freddie, and Vida. They were all so unique and great and got along so well together. But the low ratings cancelled it. I am very very sad that this show had to be cancelled. Nobody gave it a shot to do better in the second season. It was only allowed about 10 episodes which stunk. This show deserved a second chance to make more episodes and try to get higher ratings. I loved this show and I still do, but there are never gonna be new episodes again. :(moreless
  • See? This is exactly why I'm an animation fan!

    This is boring and stupid. You'd think Nick do better with their shows as they do with their nicktoons, right? WRONG! I'm so glad it ended! I hate shows like this! It's about an everyday real life. Is there any superpowers? NO! Is there any talking creatures? NO! They have shows that are non-animated that aren't boring you know? Oh wow girls playing soccer that's so exciting(sarcasm)! This stinks on ice and it's so boring! It's a snorefest. I actually watched 5 minutes of this horror then I fell asleep. This show is PERFECT if you can't sleep at night, not so good if you want to stay up. Nick should DEFINATLY stick to nicktoons and forget about their shows with real actors. But this is my opinion of course. You could watch it if you want, but don't say I didn't warn you.moreless
  • This was a great show!

    This was a show about four girl, Freddie, Vida, Alexa, and Lauren, who are all on the same soccer team. They become friends and deal with the teenage life together! Also, Alexa's brother, Chris, is Lauren's crush. This was a good show! I enjoyed watching it and felt that it didn't need to be cancelled. I know it wasn't up there with Drake and Josh and Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, but it was better than some shows on television aimed towards pre-teens at the time. I was happy when it started and sad to see it go, but Just For Kicks, was I guess, "just for kicks." This show gets an 8.5 out of 10 from me!moreless
  • Wow this was borring, stupid, and pointless!

    Just for Kicks is about a bunch of very different girl playing soccer, some are in it for fun, some forkicks, and some because they really want to. As I watched the show, I found it hard to pay attention, the plot was dry. There was really no way that this borring pile of slop could be on for a long time. If your really into soccer, boredom, and you don't have a life, then this is the show for you!moreless

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