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  • Great! More teen Nick CRAP!

    I gave this show a chance, but I just fell asleep. This show is so boring. I can't believe Nick accepted it! Well that's no surprise, because it accepted a lot of bad shows recently. On Easter Sunday when they showed this show, I saw a gross part where a man and woman were doing PDA on each other. GROSS! As I see it, nothing happened.

    Nick why are you doing this!?

    I gave this show a chance, but I just fell asleep. This show is so boring. I can't believe Nick accepted it! Well that's no surprise, because it accepted a lot of bad shows recently.

    Nick why are you doing this!?

    You have bad taste for shows now. That's why I rarely watch your channel anymore. (I only see it when Drake and Josh or Ned Declassified is on) Right now I'm watching Disney Channel because of the Suite life of Zack and Cody.

    The charaters in this show over react like some other shows. This show is so BORING!
  • UGH!!

    Ugh... I hate this show... it is annoying as ever, it is boring unoriginal. Anoying the episodes have been used before in other shows the actors UGH!! Nickolodeon was doing ok until they aired this show then you knew it was going down hill it is kinda ovious! Who would waste their time to make this show I watched \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'some\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' of it and had to change the channel. It was like is there even any point to this show??? NO! In other words I dilike this show with a passion I hate it, dipise it in any way ever possible.
  • well When I watched the show, Its kind of terrbile, no offense but thats the truth. Ew...

    Its kind of hard to see everything when camreas kept moving in the show. I dont like it very much. Its kind of boring. Its not even funny, it just about soccer blah blah blah...how lame is that? I rate it 1.5, it just..not a good show. The show needs to have alot of improvement.
  • Wow this was borring, stupid, and pointless!

    Just for Kicks is about a bunch of very different girl playing soccer, some are in it for fun, some forkicks, and some because they really want to. As I watched the show, I found it hard to pay attention, the plot was dry. There was really no way that this borring pile of slop could be on for a long time. If your really into soccer, boredom, and you don't have a life, then this is the show for you!
  • New Nick ideas for Tv shows......

    Seriously, I think Nick could at least but something good on TeenNick! Ned's Declassified, Unfabuolus, and Drake and Josh are better shows put on TeenNick. I would rather watch a show about gaint mutant weasel peoples than a show about different girls on a lame soccer team. If I made the show I would give it some Pizzazz or at least cancel it.
  • See? This is exactly why I'm an animation fan!

    This is boring and stupid. You'd think Nick do better with their shows as they do with their nicktoons, right? WRONG! I'm so glad it ended! I hate shows like this! It's about an everyday real life. Is there any superpowers? NO! Is there any talking creatures? NO! They have shows that are non-animated that aren't boring you know? Oh wow girls playing soccer that's so exciting(sarcasm)! This stinks on ice and it's so boring! It's a snorefest. I actually watched 5 minutes of this horror then I fell asleep. This show is PERFECT if you can't sleep at night, not so good if you want to stay up. Nick should DEFINATLY stick to nicktoons and forget about their shows with real actors. But this is my opinion of course. You could watch it if you want, but don't say I didn't warn you.
  • This show really stinks out loud. I waited for a new teenick show and this is what I get?!?!? A show about soccer and girls who are interested in each other and guys? Listen nick, you have just got to be kidding about such a lame show, nobody likes it!

    This show really stinks out loud. It\\\\\\\'s just about girls who are into soccer and each other. A show about soccer on nick is really unessasairy to me. No no no no! This show just won\\\\\\\'t do for nick. Nick! What were you thinking putting this show on the air?!?!?!?!? This show should be on disney channel, not nick. It\\\'s more teeny than any other show on nick. I hope it just stays on for 1 year and then it goes off. Is that too much to ask? My friends don\\\'t even like this show! I waited for a new teenick show and this is what I got?!?!?!?
  • Stereotypical crap, good job Nick...

    This is just another one of those horribly cliche teen shows that Nick has pulled off from the gutters and stuck it into the Television. Seriously, I can't whatch this show without yawning once, it is so freakin boring!!! Oh well, hopefully Nick will realize that their going downhill, by airing crap like this and cancel all of it, before they sell out to Cartoon Network.
  • Oh happy happy joy joy all we need is another show that really proves that Nick has lost it. God dang it Nick wtf happened. All you do is make crap like the new Fairly Odd Parents, and new Spongebob. You got Zoey 101 and Unfabulous they both suck alot!!!

    Oh happy happy joy joy all we need is another show that really proves that Nick has lost it. God dang it Nick wtf happened. All you do is make crap like the new Fairly Odd Parents, and new Spongebob. You got Zoey 101 and Unfabulous they both suck alot!!!

    Okay I'm not gonna get into Old Nick, but even if there wasn't Old Nick this show would suck. Bunch of annoying actresses playing soccer and going through regular life. Wow real original. They've only done shows about that since... TV was invented. I mean come on you guys use to be all about cartoons and now what Live Action bull crap?? Real good Nick.
  • Not another corny teen show!!!

    Did Nick really have to put this show on? *sigh*
    All these new teen shows are basically all alike. Seeing the pilot of this show, I can surely say that I will probably never watch it again, if it even lasts that long. Where to start? Well, the characters were boring and cliche', this whole story doesn't interest me, and...uhhhh...I get bored just writing about it. It just didn't have anything special, exciting, or particularly unique about it. Like I said, it's just another teen show that just doesn't have much of an appeal to me. The only thing that sets this show apart is that it's based on a sport. And? Is that all u got? Cuz if not....
  • i don\'t i really don\'t!

    i dont get it at all... i mean is it for preteens? i mean its kinda too kiddy for me. this show for me needs alot of improvement... im not really the kind of person that criticize but this show is boring and not that well written... this show isn\'t like ned\'s declassified or like zoey... nick really has to come up with better show ideas... for the good of everybody!
  • Going Downhill Fast.........

    I want to like this show, but it is so booooooooooring... ZzZZZZZZZzzZZZzzzzzZZZzZzzzzzzzzzzZZZZzzZZz........ I just don't like shows that are about girls playing soccer. And I also don't like shows, and movies, about kids playing baseball, (unless it is reeEEEEeeeEEeeeEEeeeEEEEeally funny) but most of the time it isn't because they are 'family' movies that take place in the 50s and are based on actual boOOOOooOOOooooOOOOOOooring events and they all are about the same thing. And at least this show isn't about baseball. But it is soooo boooooooooring and here is one idea that they should have thought of when they were making this show... Why not make it funny?? Then it wouldn't be sooooooooooo booooooooooooooooooooring.... ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzZZZzzzzzZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzZZZZZZzzz............

    Wait.... Whoopi Goldberg is the creator of this show????
  • A show about soccer... That should be interesting! But it's not, not even close

    The only reason I watched this show was because it is about soccer and I was interested to see how they will be able to handle this subject. They should have told me it is a sitcom, because all the soccer scenes were hilarious and not realistic at all. The girls were running around like some chickens with their head cut off, there was no display of tactical organization, all the shots were taken from three yards and, to top all that, there was a mini time-out when the “enemy” scored. After a while, when I realized how bad this show was, I started laughing, and if it makes me laugh again, it may worth the trouble watching it again.
  • I\'m not quite sure about this show...

    Let\'s see. Bunch of teenage girls trying to achieve their goals, and being best friends in the process. Now, I like it better than a lot of the other teen girl drama shows because here, at least they don\'t flip out over having a pimple or not having a boyfriend like it\'s the worst thing in the world! It\'s actually the first teen show I\'ve seen where they actually have a goal to accomplish something! However, they still seem to have the perfect-ish lives. I mean, they\'re all best friends, and they became best friends automatically in the first eppi. Now, in real life, that doesn\'t usually happen. Also, they seem to all be smart, athletic, and pretty. One\'s of course popular. And of course it fits that Chris falls for Lauren just like she\'s fallen for him. That seems a little too perfect. One other thing I don\'t like is how rushed that was...it didn\'t have enough time for character and relationship [i]development[/i].

    All-in-all, like the title says, it\'s a decent show. Could be worse, but also could be better.
  • The show is pretty good, but can be boring sometimes

    The show does have a fine interest factor. The show deals with four girls with diffrent personalitites. Alexa is girly and extremely popular and can take advantage of other preople's boyfreinds. Freddie is very tomboyish and is always tripping. Lauren is fully loaded and always is doing some activity with no time to socialize with her freinds often. Vida is very leader-like and has a strong personality who is obseeesed with soccer and what she does alongside her freinds. When it al;l ties together, the show can get interesting to see how one situation can affect four diffrent girls. Sometimes they keep the same topics repeatedly and it can be somewhat boring
  • This was a great show!

    This was a show about four girl, Freddie, Vida, Alexa, and Lauren, who are all on the same soccer team. They become friends and deal with the teenage life together! Also, Alexa's brother, Chris, is Lauren's crush. This was a good show! I enjoyed watching it and felt that it didn't need to be cancelled. I know it wasn't up there with Drake and Josh and Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide, but it was better than some shows on television aimed towards pre-teens at the time. I was happy when it started and sad to see it go, but Just For Kicks, was I guess, "just for kicks." This show gets an 8.5 out of 10 from me!
  • This show is very good.

    Even though everyone says its bad I LOVE it. It is a great show it has a great story lines and interesting and funny episode I personally can't wait untill I see more episode of this new and great show. It also uses real problems that teen girls have to deal with like friendship, boys, school, sports, popularity and other stuff. I personaly think people should give this show a chance.
  • If only good shows showed on T.V.

    For the first time I'm disappointed to see a Nick show end, this really had potential it's weird how it just stopped showing like that, I mean it was interesting, funny, help me out here people I'm still looking for a flaw, I've seen worse shows that thing go on for seasons so why'd this get the axe. And the characters were really good and believable, you could really see yourself hanging out with those girls, for the love of good the Naked Brothers Band is still on the air and they couldn't make space for some pretty cool girls? Unbelievable.
  • Why did this show have to end so early? :(

    I miss this show so much. I loved watching all the girls play soccer and deal with problems. I miss Lauren, Alexa, Freddie, and Vida. They were all so unique and great and got along so well together. But the low ratings cancelled it. I am very very sad that this show had to be cancelled. Nobody gave it a shot to do better in the second season. It was only allowed about 10 episodes which stunk. This show deserved a second chance to make more episodes and try to get higher ratings. I loved this show and I still do, but there are never gonna be new episodes again. :(
  • why would you cancel this??

    I taped the premiere of EVERY episode. it's sooo good. I love Lauren and Vida. they are my favortie characters. but chris is so hot!! all of these girls are great actresses! they don't try nd show off their bodies and they don't show off in public. their friendship is very real. it's good to see a teenage show with real teenage girls and no sex or drugs. they're great role models and they're all very healthy and beautiful. They is absolutely nothing wrong with this show whatsoever. if nick wants to cancel it they are INSANE!! it's the best teenage show out there nowadays.
  • ilike just for kicks alot..its amazing!!!! it combines a soccer team but not only soccer.. they play and they have love interests..Lauren and Chris have really good chemistry and i really hope they decide to go out in the season finale. I love this show!!

    i really like this show.. its very interesting and it combines a soccer team but not only soccer.. they play and they have love interests..Lauren and Chris have really good chemistry and i really hope they decide to go out in the season finale because they both they eachother which is totally and completley obvious! i cant wait for it! i have to wait 2 weeks but i think it will be worth it.. i hope they have another season of Just For Kicks because i really like this show and my fav charaters are probauly alexa, lauren and chris! i love them.. i love this show!!!!
  • funny!

    at first i thought this show is boring but then a really started paying attention and i liked it. the plot is perfect, the shoiw is sort of like a biogrophy exept theres more than one person. some parts of this show are boring but its usually good. everyone calls this show boring but i dissagree, this show is great and i hope people wi.l understand it in the near future. Lauren, Alexa, Vida, Marni, and Freddie all great charachters. they play soccer in new york sometimes fight and usually have problems great plot. well thats it thank you for reading my review