Just for Kicks

Nickelodeon (ended 2006)


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  • I\'m not quite sure about this show...

    Let\'s see. Bunch of teenage girls trying to achieve their goals, and being best friends in the process. Now, I like it better than a lot of the other teen girl drama shows because here, at least they don\'t flip out over having a pimple or not having a boyfriend like it\'s the worst thing in the world! It\'s actually the first teen show I\'ve seen where they actually have a goal to accomplish something! However, they still seem to have the perfect-ish lives. I mean, they\'re all best friends, and they became best friends automatically in the first eppi. Now, in real life, that doesn\'t usually happen. Also, they seem to all be smart, athletic, and pretty. One\'s of course popular. And of course it fits that Chris falls for Lauren just like she\'s fallen for him. That seems a little too perfect. One other thing I don\'t like is how rushed that was...it didn\'t have enough time for character and relationship [i]development[/i].

    All-in-all, like the title says, it\'s a decent show. Could be worse, but also could be better.