Just for Kicks

Nickelodeon (ended 2006)


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  • See? This is exactly why I'm an animation fan!

    This is boring and stupid. You'd think Nick do better with their shows as they do with their nicktoons, right? WRONG! I'm so glad it ended! I hate shows like this! It's about an everyday real life. Is there any superpowers? NO! Is there any talking creatures? NO! They have shows that are non-animated that aren't boring you know? Oh wow girls playing soccer that's so exciting(sarcasm)! This stinks on ice and it's so boring! It's a snorefest. I actually watched 5 minutes of this horror then I fell asleep. This show is PERFECT if you can't sleep at night, not so good if you want to stay up. Nick should DEFINATLY stick to nicktoons and forget about their shows with real actors. But this is my opinion of course. You could watch it if you want, but don't say I didn't warn you.