Just for Kicks - Season 1

Nickelodeon (ended 2006)


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  • The Longest Yarn
    The Longest Yarn
    Episode 13
    Lauren signed up for a knitting class but she she skipped the class to go with Chris at the Empire State. Lauren´s Mom discover that Lauren didn´t go to her class and reminds her of their “no boyfriend” agreement. Will Chris and Lauren be together?
  • Waiting for Fleishman
    After Coach Moore informs the Power Strikers that an Olympic Development Program scout, Edie Fleishman, is attending their next game, Freddie tries her best to impress the scout while Vida focuses her attention on just playing her regular game.
  • Alexa in Charge
    Episode 11
    Alexa has been leaving soccer practice early and the other girls can’t figure out why she’s acting so strangely. It turns out she took a job at her Uncle Gio’s meatball shop but doesn’t want anyone to know, especially Courtney.
  • We Aren't Family
    We Aren't Family
    Episode 10
    Vida feels bad that her dad hasn’t been able to make many of her games due to his hectic work schedule. Charles promises that he’ll come to her next game on Saturday.
  • Out of Time
    Out of Time
    Episode 9
    Life for Lauren is spinning out-of-control. Besides soccer, she is also juggling violin lessons, ballet and Japanese classes. When her mom signs her up for a college prep class, Lauren loses it – it’s too much!
  • Sisters Before Misters
    Alexa’s ego takes a hit when she and Freddie meet a cute boy (Marc) on the subway and the boy digs Freddie. Unable to cope with rejection, Alexa crashes their date at a spoken word party and when she has a moment alone with Marc, she asks him why he’s not interested in her. Weirded out, Marc bails on both of them, leaving Freddie thinking she did something wrong. Seeing how bummed out Freddie is, Alexa resolves to reunite her with Marc and visits him at his job at the fishing dock.moreless
  • Freudian Kicks
    Freudian Kicks
    Episode 7
    When Vida accidently kicks a soccer ball that hits Elise in the face, Elise brakes her nose which makes her even more worried about her modeling career and takes advantage of Vida.
  • I Love Lucy
    I Love Lucy
    Episode 6
    When Lauren starts hanging out with Freddie's grandmother Lucy, she starts to get jealous of their close bond. Freddie tries hard to get into their little group only to find out that she was being too hard on Lauren. Meanwhile, Vida's little brother develops a crush on Alexa so Alexa tries to make him hate her.moreless
  • I'll Cry If I Want To
    Vida hosts a slumber and invites Freddie, Alexa, Lauren and the rest of the team. But, when things start to get out of hand, Vida worries about the competition, and Lauren feels left out.
  • The Right Size
    The Right Size
    Episode 4
    Two of the popular girls at school begin to make fun of Lauren because she is flat-chested. When she tells the others about this, they all discover they have something about themselves they aren't all that thrilled about: Vida's too tall, Freddie has bacne and Alexa has lip hair. After the game, though, the girls decide things aren't as bad as they seem, and one of the boys Lauren likes still wants to go out with her.moreless
  • Boys Do Cry
    Boys Do Cry
    Episode 3
    Vida gets asked out by Ryan, a cute boy who also plays soccer. But just after she accepts the invitation, Vida realizes that six years ago she beat him up, and stamped him with the nickname "Cryin' Ryan" for the next couple years. And Ryan feels intimidated around Vida after he finally recalls the incident. Will a relationship between the two ever blossom? Meanwhile, Freddie has trouble going to the bathroom in public.moreless
  • Meet The Power Strikers: Part 2
    When team captain Dana gets injured, Coach Moore puts Lauren in to fill her giant shoes. Lauren also discovers Chris has a girlfriend.
  • Meet The Power Strikers: Part 1
    Vida, Alexa, Freddie and Lauren learn to overcome their differences and their own issues, discovering the meaning of teamwork as they play for the Power Strikers. Meanwhile Vida steps up to the team captain for treating the other players poorly.
  • Pilot
    Episode 1
  • Behind The Scenes
    Behind the Scenes is jam-packed with exclusive behind the scene footage, an introduction to the show, interviews with the cast and creators and more.