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CBC Premiered Jul 17, 2007 In Season


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  • One of my Favorite Western Show

    Let me start with my story related to JFL Gags. When I was a little kid of 6-7 years old I encountered with this show and enjoyed the whole episode, but the hilarious part is that I didn't remember the name of it. So the next day I switched to the channel and stuck to it whole evening waiting for the show. And then JFL becomes a part of my childhood.

    Even now I watch it on YouTube. I love the funny attitude of the characters in it along with the creative Ideas each time in a prank. The show is full of humor because it does not speak but it shows the situation.
  • No sound from Reactions!

    This show sucks because it has no sound from the people's reactions! Well, it Is funny but I feel it is a waste of time making these pranks and showing it on tv. When I watch it, it's like watching it on MUTE! GOD! The most important part of being a funny show should be the people's reactions right? but you cant hear their reactions!! you can only see it!! I always wonder what the victims are saying. !!!! That is what is missing!! There could be a lot of funny comments/ reactions coming from them and that'll add more laughs. Yes, this show has a lot of potential, too bad. I want some change!