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CBC Premiered Jul 17, 2007 In Season


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  • No sound from Reactions!

    This show sucks because it has no sound from the people's reactions! Well, it Is funny but I feel it is a waste of time making these pranks and showing it on tv. When I watch it, it's like watching it on MUTE! GOD! The most important part of being a funny show should be the people's reactions right? but you cant hear their reactions!! you can only see it!! I always wonder what the victims are saying. !!!! That is what is missing!! There could be a lot of funny comments/ reactions coming from them and that'll add more laughs. Yes, this show has a lot of potential, too bad. I want some change!
  • One of my Favorite Western Show

    Let me start with my story related to JFL Gags. When I was a little kid of 6-7 years old I encountered with this show and enjoyed the whole episode, but the hilarious part is that I didn't remember the name of it. So the next day I switched to the channel and stuck to it whole evening waiting for the show. And then JFL becomes a part of my childhood.

    Even now I watch it on YouTube. I love the funny attitude of the characters in it along with the creative Ideas each time in a prank. The show is full of humor because it does not speak but it shows the situation.
  • I am not a big fan of candid camera, but this show is an exception.

    JFL Gags is a funny show. I am not a fan of Canadian shows, but this one is decent. They can make good shows... but they can't make good cartoons (there are some exceptions like Johnny Test, Crash Canyon or What's with Andy?). Anyways, JFL Gags is a great show, I like it, I and my family watched JFL Gags a lot back then. It is a good show.
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